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Butcher Bear presents March Cave Ness Mixxxtape. this was for a knitting club i belong to. Tracklist Here.

Part I - Part II - Part III - Part IV.

New Dub Mix From Eric Berger - Prince JellyFish' DubDisco~ Part-I .... Part-II

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"We Are Alive In Tune" l.p.(april 2007)_____________Nick Moulos - Reagan Van Matre - Bill Brown - Bill Jeffrey - Phoebe Ceresia - Rebecca Whitley - Eyad Kaileh - Caioneach - Aaron Guadamuz - Tim Kerr - Cilton Beard III - Jessie Schwartz - Stephen Ceresia - Jason Reece - Linda Webster - Ben webster - Sean O'Neal - Randall Stockton - Kenneth Holland - Bryan Nelson - Reaganometry - Butcher Bear - Strong Silent Type - Horse Rappaport - You & Me Falconry .

on Australian Cattle God Records.Artwork by Caioneach. An intimate portrait of what happens during wartime in the OrganEYEzation.


1. State Of New Sound 2. Black Magic (Reaganometry) 3. Similar Sideways Glance 4. Two Daughter (part II) 5. Gardens (You & Me Falconry) 6. Hours 7. Let's Play Immature (Butcher Bear) 8. Football 9. We Were A/O Without Money (Strong Silent Type) 10. Night (Version Mix) (Horse Rappaport) 11. the Truth Move(s) Move Out 12. Girl, What's Wrong? 13. Study Break Dancing (Reaganometry ft. Sean O'Neal)




This is AFO record #8

"Somebody As Anybody" l.p.(2005)____________Reagan VanMatre - Nick Moulos - Dan Muldoon - Ben Webster - Katherine Alexander - Tim Kerr - Rebecca Whitley - Jennifer Brown - Conrad Keely - Beth Kerr - Julie Carrol - Jason Reece - Mike Carrol - Mike Reginio - Bill Jeffrey - Mike Vsquez - Linda Webster - Kuriku P. Chau - Bryan Nelson - Ron Miller - Kenneth Holland.

on Australian Cattle God Records. Artwork by Caioneach. An OrganEYE message on Vanity Versus Friendship.

1. Station I.D. 2. Pearl Snaps (part I) . 3. Russian (Glacier Song). 4. GO_TO_TEN 5. I'm Buried Alive 6. Waiting For America. 7. Release The Lions. 8. Hign Noon (dj shadow). 9 . Running Fire Thru Your Mind. 10. no (W).

.Running Fire (original instrumental by DanimaL) (unreleased snippet)




This is AFO record #3

"Let The Notes Drip From Our Lips To Yours" l.p. (2004) _______________ Bryan Nelson - Horse Rappaport - Chris Smith - Jeremy Allen - Ben Webster - Alan Rowe - Gabe Bishop - Dan Muldoon - Tim Kerr - Nick Moulos - Steven Hall -

on diediediemond records: Now released on our Re-Furbished AFO Records.This is basically the first three years in mixxxtape form. The record comes with a sticker, a button, and a poster that has the first 135 members of the OrganEYE zation. This was drawn by the now infamous Ben Snakepit. You should go to young american comics site and see all his great comics. Or just read his column in RazorCake.

Click this link to buy this record.

1.Pre-Amble. 2.We Are The System. 3.Move_Not_Robotic. 4.License To Buy A Gun. 6.Infected Insect. 7.You Are The Arrow. 8.Blue Stealer. 9.Hiding Remix by Horse Rappaport.

A couple of songs from the CD:


infected insect (with Lucky Jeremy on the keys)



this is AFOrecord #1

Attack Formation/Lucky Jeremy - split single. Gabe Bishop - Dan Muldoon - Alan Rowe - Jeremy Allen - Ben Webster - Dustin Poyner - Jason Meade - Chris Smith - Steven Hall.

Split Seven inch W/ Lucky Jeremy on BuddySystem records(now officially over). We cover each other's songs.


Attack Formation - Drunk Bulls

Lucky Jeremy - Nice Degree



this is AFOrecord #2

The A-Formatik On Tact. - l.p. Reagan Van Matre - Nick Moulos - Clark Wilson - Ben Webster.

This is the first A-formatik On Tact record and, also the first in a line of great covers done by Ben Snakepit. Go and support his comics.

1.Waiting For Weddingbells. 2. Cold Glass Of Lemonade. 3. If Fingers Had Eyes. 4. Blondes In Bermuda. 5. Take It Away Dad. 6. A Soft Expression Of Contempt. 7. The Crusade VS. Multi-National Corporate Fuckers. 8. Telecopters To The Middle Of Your Face 9. The Last Seduction Of Barbie. 10. Ask The Tribal Leader For His Spear, Part One. 11. He Wants It Back, Part Two. 12. Airplanes Are For Action 13. I Wish I Could Go-Go. 14. Attack Formation Will Kill You. 15. Nineteen For The Road.



this is AFOrecord #5

"A-FORMATIK ON TACT" "Snakes And Sliders"e.p. Kenneth Holland - Ben Webster - Reagan Van Matre. this is AFOrecord #5

.....please take it to your computer box. Another cover by the Ben Snake pit.

1.Last Night - 2.As You Said( joy division reinterpreted by tortoise reinterpreted by us)

3.Give Up The Trumpet - 4.No Jokes(bonus track)


this is AFOrecord #4.

ATTAK (iN)FORMATION - "Organ Eye #1" e.p. Reagan Van Matre - Adam Hatley - Nick Moulos - Ben Webster - Dan Muldoon - Bryan Nelson.

This is the first in a series of live recordings as our alter-ego the ATTAK (iN)FORMATION. These records are recorded the first week of january at our annual free shows at emo's bar. We have recorded four so far. Ben Snakepit Again and Again On The Cover.

1.Skyscraper Strwberries. 2.Low-Class Room Exploding. 3.Go To Ten. 4.Just Desserts. 5.Pool Inside Shark Waters. 6.Afghanistan / Nebraska.

1.Low-Class Room Expoding

2.Just Desserts



this is AFOrecord#6.

The Attack Formation - Two Covers. e.p. Sean Shanklin - Reagan Van Matre - Ben Webster - Kenneth Holland - Jason Hammonds - Nick Moulos - Bill Brown - Ron Miller - Terry Brown - Bryan Nelson - Dan Muldoon. Cover By Terry Brown.

1.Manipulation (big boys)

2.Space Orgy (lungfish)



And a few that are not anywhere but here:

nice degree (live at the troubador - l.a.ca.) this was recorded off the board around the beginning of november of 2001.

Here are a couple of master mixxxes from The Gost Of John Brown. A.F.O.'s resident record-playerer.Take them to your box.

April Showers - 'circa 4/03

GodSpeed You DJ Sue -(i miss you)