4/6/2009 - John Carlucci took these pictures of one of the newest groups to come out the Attack Formation Family, BUTCHER BEAR & CHARLIE. enjoy. The Attack Formation will be gone til november.

I made some mixes you can listen here or go and subscribe for free here:

http://butcherbear.podomatic.com/ & http://konkarneandthebear.podomatic.com/



3/9/2009 - Here's what I've been up to: Almost all of the folks in Attack Formation are playing in Strong Silent Type right now. Nick, our bass player is singing and the rest of us are doing whatever he tells us to. Other bands we're playing in right now are Butcher Bear & Charlie, Finggar Banggar and Selenese. We Are playing with some our favorite music people ever Sub Oslo at the Creekside this Weekend. We aren't playing as much as we used to 'cause we're working on our new record. So this is a special night for sure. We've also teamed up with the Rio Rita and Recreational Speculum Design Co. to started playing records over there once a month. Follow us on fucking Twitter if you can figure that out. Also I'm releasing some records of bands i love all the time on my label (iN)Sect Records. Here's what Just Came out: This Moment In Black History - "Raw Black Power" 45 Here's what's Coming out Next: Georgia Anne Muldrow / Dudley Perkins split 45 - (FONK) and Explosion Horse - "Seven Songs" 45 e.p.(Clarke from Those Peabodys)

11/3/2008 - (iN)Sect Records.ORG (iN)Sect Records.ORG (iN)Sect Records.ORG (iN)Sect Records.ORG (iN)Sect Records.ORG (iN)Sect Records.ORG


10/20/2008 - Hey Everybody, just wanted to drop this bomb(ahem). I am releasing some records on vinyl. On November 1st, my first release will be coming out. It's a 7" by This Moment In Black History(links all over this page) They are from Cleveland, and They are amazing. Please send me e-mails for pre-order and distribution questions. Attack Formation has been working on three new bands within our group. Our first show for one of them [Strong Silent Type]will be playing the TMIBH-7" record release show, as well as Clake Wilson from Those Peabodys' new group [Explosion Horse] and Camp X-Ray(amazing as well) . We're having this show at Sound On Sound Records on North Loop and Ave. F. on November 1st. It starts at 6p.m. sharp, and we will have tons of 7"s and Beer! Please come out in your costume or hung-over with left-over make-up on forehead.




The first release from (iN)Sect Records is from This Moment In Black History - Raw Black Power 7" music by TMIBH art by Tim Kerr

7/19/2008 - Stephanie Tsen has been taking our pictures since we haven't been updating with news lately. There's a bunch of stuff to talk about. But We aren't right now. enjoy:




1/17/2008 - Art By Reaganometry - Bass Drum By Tim Harrington - "Master of The Dance"

9/24/2007 - Almost There. Still in the wilds of Arkanistan.....................



7/9/2007 - Update Below is Incomplete, and we're going to the midwest in the morning. So, if you want me to finish it, come to our shows....................and

Support Underground Music


"Reaganometry with The Bosses"



6/18/2007 - F.U.C.K.W.A.R. A.T.H.O.M.E.C.A.N.T.G.E.T.A.W.A.Y.......................................................SO, here's a quick quick run-thru of what has been going on for the last couple of months. Our new Record just came out a little while ago on Australian Cattle God records and Casettes. We played a release show With the One and Only, DJ Mel over at the Beauty Bar, which we'll be doing again towards the end of July. Got our little Van breathing again, and then................we were off. Two weeks on the West Coast. Beautiful and one of my favorite trips to date for any band I've Played with. In fast-forward mode, here's what we did..........Leave the ATX first thing in the morning, on the way to El Paso by way of Profiro's Tacos next to Bill J.'s House. Got there way too early, 'cause I guess we're really badass drivers orr some shit, and almost fell asleep in two different parks, I mean parking lots. Played with some real nice folks called Ralpheene, and then got the fuck outta there. El Paso seems to be going the way of Lubbock for some time now. It's gonna be Juarez next time for sure. Next up, Drive Straight to L.A. , get to Sean and Jeremy and Preston's House just in time for crazy, do everything in one day night. Went to see Erase Errata, saw Jessie "The" Scwartz, then fellas went to go see The Spank Rock folks DJ. I went to sleep forever, got up got lunch, stayed away from the record store, f-ed around, went to Spaceland, loaded in and got to see so many old friends. Jen San Antonio, Fabrizio, Tillman, Dirty P, Tony "the original Baby Part", Scott Big Boys/Marfa Lights, and got to meet Illinois, who were about to leave on tour with The Hold Steady Homies. They Nice for sure, saw them in the last couple of weeks and it was Old Style and Minneapolis for sure for sure. Lucky Jeremy is one of the best guys to do it in the game. Open up your heart and let me in. Baby. Next morning up way to early, past "CowSchwitz" over o Oakland where we had the warmest welcome ever. Landed in the Compound around 4, got to see Aaron Guadamuz, and his amazing art, shower quick, then over to The Uptown in Downtown. Saw Marc, Kenneth, had a blast hanging out with extended family. Back to our new 2nd home, The Compound in the heart of what has to be the craziest spot in Oaktown i've ever seen. Got up to meet my homie Lagerstedt, and grab some lunch at some Thai place, hopped the BART into the city, met the Attack Family, grabbed a Quick one, and then to the weirdest show of the whole trip. It was a celebration for Satan. And Karla LaVey(and ys, I mean that La Vey) was hosting the whole thing. Let me just tell you that the face of Satanism is very different from when Slayer & Danzig first told me about it. Three words.........Barney, Theremin, Wizard. The Graves Brothers Deluxe are the nicest folks. We find out that this whole show was set-up specifically just for us. Our minds Blown, and our Evil at an all-time high, we got the news that where we were staying, we couldn't. Sucks but no big deal. Then right after that we find out, the reason is becouse our friends got us a hotel room three blocks from the club. Fucking awesome and totally a big deal. Got to hang out with Jim Donovan( our west coast leader) all night. Every time You with that. We love you holmes. Two nights in the YAY, and it wasn't even close to enough. Next west coast Tour is going to be Ten, I said it, Days in the Bay. That is the only way. All aboard the Hyphy Bus. Next day, beautiful drive into Arcata to play the Alibi. Eyad leads us to the town square, plays penny whistle for two minutes, we make instant friends with every hippy and bro in the place. We played with a Weezer cover band, who has to keep telling the audience no to push the ladies around , 'cause they're not really Weezer. Now that is class. When will Dread Zeppelin learn, it wasn't you that wrote shit buddy. Stayed with one of our new favorite people, but he would later become known as the guy who fell into and throughh a wall. Eyad figured out about thirty covers on the pennywhistle. Now there are no Boundries for us anymore. Next day, Nice drive, played a Metal Club. The vibraphones have been fucking with everybody's mind, but especially the metal-dudes. Very Weird.They had Snake-Venom Sake. Don't drink Snake-Venom Sake. Real snake in the bottle, but kinda scary nontheless. Got to see ARAM and eat pancakes the next morning. ..................................................................Got Tired .............still a couple more tiny stories to come.


5/17/2007 - We Back. Im gonna give a full News Report when i get Off of this Paint thing i got right now. It's called hope, Up With it.(H,H,H,)_______________-------------- We Had Abunch Of Fun!.....h.h.h. Bring out the Pix soon too. New Butcher Bear Mixxxtape up for downloading RIGHT HERE. And new Reaganometry presents "We are Alive In Tune" podcast on the MISSPICE and We Are Alive Site.

Brand New Butcher Bear Track - Bright Life (unreleased AttackFormation cover)

And Go To A $750,000 Yellow Bike Birthday Party @ Ben's LongBranch Bar B Q

This Was Round Two "Aktug"............

And Brand New From Look Records..............

Out Now - Phat Kat - Carte Blanche (this is an amazing record. even if you don't like beats and ryhmes, pick this up. if you do, get ready to have your head knocked around)



4/22/2007 - We Going on tour. People. Get Started. Go Look at This www.wearealiveintune.org Listen to the Octopus Project. Stay out of Trouble.Don't Get Sick. Eat your Wheaties. New Butcher Bear Mixxxtape up for downloading RIGHT HERE. And new Reaganometry presents "We are Alive In Tune" podcast on the MISSPICE and We Are Alive Site.


The Butch, This Moment, The Guillotine.

4/6/2007 - Here's to Miss Tsen for taking our little pictures............."We Are Alive In Tune" comes out April 10th with an In-Store, a Release Show, and a Tour, all inside the C.D.




3/27/2007 - Hello. Go Read Propergander, and plan a trip to go to NASA or one of Houston's "Crazy" Taco Places. Here are some Great ideas For Fun , Safe Things To Do.Go to the Showz. Do Good Turns.



........pop......2/8/2007 - Our Famous Trumpet Player.....Bill Jeffery, has been working in the Bad-Ass comic industry for over eighty years now. His website is about to jump off. "Nicolas is now in your cyberspace!". Seriously, Fuck it .....Love Everybody, Make M N V. There's Our show next week ......... for somebody body that makes up, breaks up, then gets taken up. Let's Dance up.Come have Fun. ....bang. Support Underground Music.



................................................1/30/2007 - Everyone Says it CAN'T Be Done. Starbury Movement. Stephon Marbury is doing it for the kids and all the Mom's everywhere. Selling shoes that are affordable is only the half of it. Go see what IT'S all about. Find a Steve & Barry's here. Our new record "We Are Alive In Tune" will be released on April 10th everywhere. In-store and release shows in April. The closest place to get Starbury Shoes is in the Temple Mall @ Steve And Barry's..................................................

Below Are Some Frequently Asked Questions about Starbury Shoes.

What is the Starbury Collection?
The Starbury Collection is a new line of lifestyle and athletic clothes and sneakers created by NBA star Stephon Marbury and available beginning Thursday, August 17th, only at Steve & Barry's stores across the country. Growing up in a large family, Steph knows first-hand the pressure that kids and parents feel to spend top dollar on the latest merchandise from the top brands. Now in a position to do something about it, he's introducing the Starbury Collection to help eliminate that pressure by bringing high quality jeans, jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, hats, sneakers and more to shoppers at astonishing low prices. Perhaps nothing reflects the incredible value of the Collection like the Starbury One. It's a high performance basketball shoe that Steph will wear on NBA courts this season. Cut the Starbury One* in half, and it's exactly the same as the most expensive basketball sneakers offered by other top brands and retailers.

What sizes and colors are available for the Starbury One?
Men's Sizes: 8-13 Men's Colors: White/White, Black/Black, White/Carolina Blue, White/Navy, and White/Orange/Royal Boys Sizes: 1 1/2 - 5 1/2 Boys Colors: White/White, Black/Black, White/Orange/Royal

What are the prices of Starbury Collection merchandise?
Virtually every item in the Starbury Collection is priced at approximately $10. The Starbury One basketball sneaker is priced at just $14.98, which we believe is the lowest price ever for an NBA quality sneaker in the modern era.

Where can I view theses sneakers?
Check out www.starbury.com to view items in our Starbury collection.

Is there other footwear in the Starbury Collection besides the Starbury One basketball shoe?
Absolutely. The Starbury Collection features a variety of lifestyle and athletic footwear, including:
Starbury One: a high performance basketball shoe that comes in a variety of colors
Starbury SXM: a retro style, high top casual sneaker that comes in Navy on White
Starbury Crossover: a low-top, stylish casual sneaker that comes in White, Black and Cocoa/Tan
Starbury Cyclone: a low-top, casual walking style sneaker in stylish Grey on Black Starbury Walking Boot: a high quality work boot

Do any of the footwear in the Starbury Collection come in women's sizes? All Starbury footwear is available in all Men's and Boys sizes, but we have found women have generally been able to find a corresponding size to meet their needs.

Where are Starbury Collection merchandise produced?
We produce Starbury apparel and footwear in many countries. The Starbury One basketball shoes are produced in China, which is the same as many of the high end basketball shoes produced and marketed by other top brands and retailers.

Can I purchase Starbury Collection merchandise on the web?
Starbury Collection clothes and sneakers are only available at the 140+ Steve & Barry's stores located in shopping malls throughout the country. Check www.steveandbarrys.com for a list of stores near you.

When will my store receive a new shipment?
Steve & Barry's is experiencing an unprecedented demand for all the products in the collection. We can assure you that we are working hard to produce and rush more product to our stores every day. Unfortunately, we cannot predict when we will receive new products in specific stores via email.

Will you notify me when a new shipment comes in?
Due to overwhelming demand, we are unable to notify customers of new shipments of the Starbury collection. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please continue to check with your local Steve & Barry's for their current product availability, as they are getting new shipments of Starbury gear frequently. You may find each store's contact information on our website under the “Stores” tab.

Can I reserve Starbury merchandise?
Unfortunately, due to overwhelming demand, we are unable to reserve items from the Starbury collection for customers. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Can I purchase a quantity of Starbury Collection merchandise, such as the Starbury One, directly from Steve & Barry's?
Unfortunately, we cannot make special arrangements to sell quantities of Starbury Collection merchandise directly to consumers or organizations. Starbury Collection clothes and sneakers are only available at the 140+ Steve & Barry's stores located in shopping malls throughout the country. Check www.steveandbarrys.com for a list of stores near you.

I represent a charitable organization. Can I get a donation of Starbury merchandise?
Unfortunately, we are not accepting requests for the donation of Starbury Collection merchandise for charitable organizations at this time.

Support Underground Music.



...............1/10/2007 - our tiny band played a show. we're gonna play a few more before we switch again. We're back from death.........check this out. it's really unbelievable and if you can't find it on-line, it will be out soon. Inspiration.....Liberation.

........this is a note from talib kweli about one of his new projects....Liberation. It was free for a week, and now it's gone.

............... Viva la Liberation!

Happy New Year! Liberation is here! Shout out to my brother Mad Lib, for being so creative and inspirational, and for giving me a canvas to paint on. This project was inspired by his consistency, it was something I wanted to be a part of. In this era of over produced and over marketed product, Mad Lib leads the pack of independent artists who could care less about all of that. I am a part of the music industry, and lord knows I'm needed, but for our own sanity we must step outside the system and create that which is not packaged for mass consumption. This is also a gift to the fans who stick by me whether some corporation is currently promoting me or not. Now, I love all music, and my albums so far, including eardrum, reflect those influences. This album is a straight ahead, sample driven hiphop record, from two of the best doing it. Some fans will say this is the sound they want to hear from me all the time. If so, congratulations, you got your wish. However, do not use this to speculate what eardrum will sound like. It is a different project with different influences. As a matter of fact, be on the lookout for the video for More or Less, dropping this week as well. I will continue to push the envelope creatively in the spirit of my ancestors. RIP James Brown, Gerald Levert, J Dilla. Shout out to C Smyth, Eothen, Dave Dar, SMT studios, Tyson, Consequence, Elzhi, Res, Candice Anderson, Strong Arm Steady, Chace Infinite. Blacksmith the Movement in stores now. The year of the Blacksmith has begun. Talib Kweli, BKMC.............and you can listen to the new york times podcast about the album here................and more here.............BLACKSMITH Records.



12/17/2006 - NoComputer Talk For You. Enjoy The Px.


6/12/2006 - What's all this then heh? Give n' you'all cross the pond chin(up) blast.

............I't's been about enough time for a what is happening. SXSW report. Sean Na Na have finished their record and play with the strokes' at stubb's. The A.F. played a barn party with DmBQ. The Armor Class played with Reagan. ........dear sxsw, we learned our lesson dudes. so it's ok. now......Friends are great to see and the parties were free with music and stuff. Besides that. whatever you know. Support Independant Music. ......The Stones Throw Party was incredible. Everyone from the label was there for two hours of an amazing times. .....

.......................For the last three years , we have been recording tracks for the next three records. For the last three months we have been mixing those tracks for the next five records. Starting in april we started going out to bastrop to Steve and Phoebe's house of funwaxmakin'. The First of those records will come out next year in February, tentatively titled " We are Alive in Tune" on Australian Cattle God records and tapes. This record was assembled over last summer and on tour with the Rednecks this past spring. Also, The Cattle God Folks managed to stop a box of A.F.O. records going into Mexico(still have'nt figured out how this happened). So there are a couple hundred of our first l.p. "Let The Notes Drip From Our Lips To Yours"(mixxxtape of the first three years) available again. You can buy it here. And..........what else.......The new Re-vamped edition of The A-FORMATIK ON TACT has been playing shows a little.They will be playing one more show in July before a short break. The Yellow Bike Project had a birthday, and The Tuxedo Killers went on a huge tour, and The Formation played in San Antonio last week. I went on tour with The Sean Na Na for a couple of times. East coast with The Strokes and England with The Yeahs Yeahs, and The Like and The Rakes. The Total Sound Group Direct Action Committee played at The ATP Festival with The Mudhoney. Got to see TODD play with Big Business in london town. And see the TODD family estate and all thier tiny new kids. We love you guys. ..................

.....So, in closing for a bit. I will be moving in with my buddies Nekol and Ron up to Harveyville ,Kansas in the 2nd week in july. I'm gonna bethere for about six months. Keep the e-mails coming, nothing will be changing on interspace. Me and Ron Miller will be doing a different Attack Formation thing up there, and I'm also will be to doing a project With my old friend Wanza. You should look at this place. It is Incredible to say the least. . And in the meantime almost everybody in The Formation OrganEYEzation has been hard at work on solo stuff. If you are on the the the the MySpace, you should add these people : REAGANOMETRY - HORSE RAPPAPORT - THE BUTCHER BEAR - ATTACK FORMATION - A-FORMATIK ON TACT - The ARMOR CLASS - SUB OSLO - DIAMOND CAVERNS - REFLECTIONS.

and us and enjoy the new stuff. The ATTAK(iN)FORMATION SOUND SYSTEM will be playing our annual show in the first week of january. So, see you then. Starting after this, all updates will be coming from The Kansas. Friends on tour, get ahold of me. It's close to Lawrence my eeps.


3/6/2006 - Always ask to see if what you're doing is legal, and if everyone still likes you for it.

We just got back from a little trip with The Redneck Manifesto. So, in a little amount of space here is the comunique from the action. From here to Florida to New York to Chicago To the High School to the ATX.................................and here goes the remebering part. So, friday's show at the ritz was fun. The redneck guys flew into town that night and had about an hour to get used to the time change and the huge barn-like atmosphere. Our show came off as a crazy-experiment in what not to do.( ask some folks that were there). not exactly bad but dangerously un-sexxy maybe. Our drummer put a knife thru his hand the day before we left for tour, so the first couple of shows i was playing drums. The Redneck Manifesto in, what they said was a rough night, played an incredible show. I can't believe i never seen these guys before. Another character in our little tour story is Taj. He is a great guy who helped put out the Redneck l.p. "I'm Brazil", and he rides a bike normally. But , he was driving the Neckies around on this, thier first U.S. tour. So , our story begins.............Day 1 : we left the show right away to collect our bags and get going. the first show was in pensacola......Fucking Florida. No matter how many great people i meet from there, the stae has gotta go. on the way we stopped off in lafeyette to grab some southern-fried cookin'. the whole day besides that was a blur. We arrive at the club and immediately head to the stip club for snacks. but they were closed. so we had some foodies at the club. The show was so fucking fun. we played with a band called Darkness On The Edge Of Town. it was two kids playing bruce springsteen songs acoustic. i can get you in touch with thier management. Day2 : Waffle House oh yeah!.Quick drive to B-Ham Bama. got some grub, played at an awesome place called Cave 9 . Huge room and they played music. it was good. after the show drive three hours at 55 miles an hour getting followed, Maxium Overdrive style, to a scary little town with a hotel in it. it was pretty.scary.Day 3 : wake up and be relaxed, go to waffle house, figure out your super late and you still have to pick up your new drummer at the airport......in Orlando. So, back in to florida. made the airport( and a short practice in the van with Mr. Ron Miller, our new/old drummer. he played on the "somebody" record, made the show. it was at a skatepark. everyone was super-nice to us. we both got to play in the middle of the ramps with guys riding at the same time. it was great great. we also got to see Taj ride. Whooooo Damn.guy is crazy good. go to www.terribleone.com to see what i mean. After the show we went to a back-yard bonfire on a swamp next to a dirt practice course. then we stayed at an exotic resort where the streets are made of gold. Day 4: the shortest drive at 20 minutes in to or la ndo . We took along walk around somemuseums. i finished reading "Beneath The Underdog". yes to that. show good. the Neckies were amazing. and as we were warned.....they are some of the nicest guys. but more about that later. dumb hotel room, shitty cable. Day 5: off to the wild streets of the ATL. except kinda candy style. the earl is a great place to play. i ran in to my friends M.C. and Billy. they got married and are both very beautiful. we stayed three to a bed in a house with a candy and milk bed-time snack. Day:6 we drive we waffle house. i went to see the pink panther movie. it sucked bad bad bad. the show was great. it was a show i saw at the cavity club(r.i.p.) with different bands ten years ago. one was like butthole surfers/ crust and the other's reminded me of the electric mice and godheadsilo. movies and stuff too. shitty hotel room. cooking shows and when pigs attack. Day7: long-ass drive to Baltmore City where there is murder everywhere. the club was a huge great theatre space with overhangs and underhangs and stuff. at idnight it was my birthday and also Merv from the Rednecks' birthday too. it was fun and Maddy(gtr from the Ncks) jumped out of a cannon and gave a high-fiver to Nihal(gtr for The Necks) who lit the candles , that made the bomb go boom. sumthin' else happened but i can't remember.Day 8 : tour under siege. and it's our birthday for realz. we went to the home of the wu-tang clan. walked around the park. ate some indian food. went to the show. played early.Jimmy Tyrade snd Jen got me a cake from down the street. it was grrreat,.went to see the Tyrades and the Black keys play down the street. had fun. walked around Brooktown. ate tater tots. Day 9: we forfieted the rochester battle due to injury. another day of non-stop driving. couldn't tell you what happened until three in the morning. we got to cleveland and moved in to our own little apartment in a quiet little neighborhood. Day 10: woke up and walked down to our little home-cookin;' ' spot. hash and eggs. eat shit Waffle House. just for today' .. Super fun.

got to play with This Moment In Black History. they are so good it makes me wanna uh uh uh uh uh . makes me wanna uh uh uh with you. and Lawrence is in the band now to boot. headed back to our little place with the Neckies. Celebrate.Every . Nation. Come. Together. We . Gonna . Have. A. Celebration. Day 11: a little hop over to chicago township. Arrive early as we always do. Went to see our other old drummer Bill Brown. He is the best. at least he says that. Go to bar. have great time. try to make the band on tour laugh at our silly non-texan accents. see a bunch of great friends that left austin for the windy place that we're in. go home. go out with Jimmy Tyrade and Pat Tillmann and Billy. have more fun. Day 12: the trip is fast and furious and we haven't stopped at waffle house in a while. that thing about us being on time now seems like total bullshit. we late. the show was fun. people were hot and fun and full of life. Props to Pants!. a quick note. the people in colombia are fucking insane. excluding of course the punk rock and open-minded people of that city. and i know jocks won't read this shit. the jocks there just scream at cops(which i think is kinda cool) at ladies( hey you ***** , you're hot, come here) at each other( hey you cock-sucker, yeah you). Fuck these frat dudes. that's life on the strip baby. Now for the good part. we leave after the show to go stay at ronald miller's house. but the thing is , is it's not a house it's a high school. go look at www.harveyvilleproject.com . No words to discribe how fantastic this place is. Day !3: sleep four hours. get all the music equipment stuff out of the van and load it in to the gymnasium, on to the stage. play music with the Redneck Manifesto guys for six hours , alternating between basketball and making weird music. Nicole, our other host and co-owner of the school, made some great enchiladas and then came with us to the rock show in Lawrence. another great short drive. show up . joke around. play a show and lay down on the pinball machines. show ends. drive back to the harveyville high. for a quick nap. Day 14: sucks to leace the school. but you got to go. another "i thought we were on time but then i looked at the sheet and figured out we were late" day. drive down to OKC. went to the record store and got a movie. ate a shitty taco. OKC style. played. the Redneck Guys were sounding amazing. Seven Stabs.....bah....bah....bah.....bah....bah......bah.....bah. props to ritchie. left after show to make it back to the ATX. Day 15: as soon as we hit the texas border the sky opens up. ten minutes after that our window wipers go out. oh well. hours later back in the ATX. spent the day working on the remix manifesto. hug my house and bed and then back to on tour. it was great. we got to go out to eat as a huge gang at the vietnamese place. the show was really fun and it would'nt be a lie to say, the these Redneck Manifesto guys are great. and we are super happy . big ups to Ireland proper.

.....So Now We Got A Couple Of Little Whiles till we See Again.



2/10/2006 - Give UP the Time oF Day to me For Laughing and Fly it up There.spanksoank.

....... A quick update before we go . We are leaving tonite after us and The Redneck Manifesto play at the Ritz and then the east coast/midwest cities part. I think that they are a great band and they are from Ireland and they like to have fun. Both of us have records on Australian Cattle God Records( "Somebody As Anybody" and "I Am Brazil" ) and we like to see places(east coast ans middle west). This week has been a little crazy. The line-up for this trip is :Ben Webster - Nick Moulos - Reagan VanMatre - Cilton Beard - Bill Jeffrey - Ron Miller(flying in from harveyville,KS) - and Moses Mayo(twistin' those knobs). Also, Taj from Terrble One is T-Managing the trip. Ron has been up in Kansas holed up in a crazy high school starting up an artist collective. Go look at this shit.We are almost done with four new records! Soundtrack in the works as well. We'll have stills from this movie we've been filming with, John "KARP" Middleman, up on the site in the next month or so. Go look at this music stuff on myspace too. Attack Formation. Redneck Manifesto. Horse Rappaport. Reaganomixx You And Me Falconry. if your on that shit go peep it. We added a brand new mixx from Dub-Tubber Eric Berger up on the jukebox. And Support Underground Music.


10/3/2005 -Part OOne: I have alligator face in my hippo lips. I need to tell you something smood laced with after-gel.

........This is the first update in quite some time.And time has not stood still enough to write about it , so here's the news johnson. At the end of April i quit my job with the x-rays and an office. I left at the end of April to visit a bunch of friends i had'nt seen in a very long time in the California and the The arizona and the Minneapolis and the Little Rock and in the London and in the Copenhagen. Here is a brief note on that stuff: End Of April.....................

.I leave in my car to Tucson first to visit . I got to ride horses and see where the other half of Tucson people live. It was in the middle of the desert but, people still call it part of the city. I can't remember if it's east or west. But it was great. It reminded me of south Louisiana. Out in the country. After a few days i headed out to L.A. - the city that never stops sucking. The City......Not the People. I was staying with Sean and Jeremy in the Hollywood. In the first day or so, Iconvinced Jeremy to head up to San Francisco For a couple of days to see Her Space Bianchi , The Faint Guys and Gang Of Four Redux at a couple of shows there. Got to see Sara and had great indian food. The drive back to L.A. was great and fast. Me and J had a Macho Burrito on the way. Got back to Angeles and went out a couple nights in the "right in the middle of everything" neighborhood they live in. Sean got back that day from the HARMAR/BENLEE tour they were finishing. Got to see the last show at the Troubador. I didn't know Ben Lee was austrailian. Iwas super-impressed. 'Cause i love ausssies'. They remind me of Texans kinda. But, I also didn't know Ben Lee was a really big cry-baby who is a total jerk. Almost got to see him shed some tears even. We left right after Sean finished playing. Fresh flowers at every show...................and ,no, I'm not kidding.The next day was a roof top party on top of a super-fancy hotel. Sean was djing with Frakie Chan and Steve Aoki. I got the feeling that Mr. Chan is everybody's favorite person to hate. I saw him make alot o' people mad. . . 'Cause when it skips, it makes you look bad. Got to see Kevin from Gorch Fock.The Next night we went to a couple of art openings and got to see some crazy stuff. Everybody likes bunnies down there for sure. Metaphoric Angeles. Great times Angeles. After a few more days there i left back to San Fran. One and a half weeks of pure joy. The city is one of the best places on earth. I spent all of my time walking around the park and riding buses and trains,. Got to see the bike rodeo, someone made us smoothies in a blender strapped to the back of a bike tire powering it. Got to go to the beach for a day, and most of all I got to see some people I know. It has been too long, and it won't be again I promise. I also got to stay in Oakland for a bit. My friend Jim and I went to see a couple of plays too. One of them was a really weird musical about Jim Jones and the Jonestown Massacre. Saw the record store from the "Endtroducing" album. Hung out with some park thugs. It really sucked to leave, but I had to get to a wedding in minneapolis. And after i checked the map a few more times, that shit was far far away. Four days of driving thru the north by northwest. All of the shittiest rooms I could find. Then driving about sixteen hours a day. Losing my mind almost almost almost.....and then, the last night i found a Motel 6 that had just opened a week earlier. Cable, pool , sauna, and all this for thirty-five bucks. Got to Minneapolis for our good friends, Paulie and Carrisa 's wedding. Got to stay with Patty from D4. Saw the Soviettes play at a fashion show in all white outfits, sang some keropi with Arzu D2 , met Slug and beat his touchscreen score, got to see two of the greatest people get married to each other. And in the middle of it i got the minister to marry me and Patty D4 too. Pictures coming soon on that. On the tail end of the U.S. trip i stopped by Chicago to visit our old drummer Bill Brown at his new place. Hung out with chicago peeps and even got to see the Society Of Friends guys too. Our new shit will be fucking slow as hell because we are getting older now. By this point the driving is not getting old but changing my out look for sure. Stopped by Little rock on my last night before going home to check in with Lauren and The Gang. Friends having kids and still playing music, what else could you ask for. I got home the next day. I had been hearing that one of my family members had been getting very sick. And I was leaving for Copenhagen in five days. Came home and saw a show on the pedestrian bridge, Kodiaks killed it fireworks and all. Got the Artwork for the c.d. all done. "Somebody As Anybody" will come out on August 11th. Get my bags together and go to the airport.

Part Two: Eating Apples for One.

  1. .......Arrived in Copenhagen after a very long flight. Denmark is fucking beautiful. Got to stay with Fenar and Cilton and Anna. Rode bikes and started what will be the new Sampler and Son full-length. Which is myself and Horse Rappaport. me and Horse and his wife Anna went to a party in the middle of nowhere a couple of hours from the city. There was a VW bug in the barn and we danced till the morning. Me and Horse started working on the record some more. Got lost a little bit too. After a week or so i left for London to visit Craig and Tara. They both play in a band called TODD there. They have twin daughters, who are amazing and hilarous and super-smart. TODD's drummer works at Rough Trade record shop and hooked me up with alot of grime stuff from there. Rode the Trains around and got to see Trail Of Dead play at Brixton Academy with Audioslave. Later that night I went out with the trail. We were walking around the neighborhood where the Bus Bomb would go off two weeks from then. Had a "Meat and Mates" outing with the Craig and Tara and some burgers. I got to DJ at a bar in london town. Went to see Fantomas with Craig. Left for Normandy France. Five trains , a taxi , and a boat later...........i was in a small crappy hotel room outside of Caen. Cable in French is fucking funny. And yet i could'nt get to sleep because these english fat guys were getting drunk and talking racist shit to each other. Red Ball Red Ball you fuckers. . I got there at 11:00p.m. and had to get up by four-thirty to catch a bus to catch a train. French people are nice when they wanna be i guess. It was weird to see all the American flags everywhere. IT's Normandy and it's also June, so there was alot of anniversary celebrations i just missed. The whole reason for coming to France was to get pictures for a friend of mine. He was in WW2 . I went on an all-day tour of the Beaches of Normandy. I got to stand, without knowing till later, in the same spot where he had stood sixty plus years ago. It scared the shit out of me. Once you see the same places in color, it really makes it come to life. That same day it was back on the boat for England. The boat was a huge, "Love Boat" style cruise ship. It had a mall and a theatre and five restaurants and a bunch of crazy english people buying booze and smokes in the duty-free shop. I watched Sin City for the third time and watched the sun come up over eggie weggie and beanies with pork. The border people in england do not fuck around. "where are you going to? why are you on vacation? how much money do you have? are you trying to blow up big ben? what size shoes do you wear?" Fuck. Back to london for a couple of days. Got the pictures and some presents for my hosts. Craig gave me an awesome pair of kicks and a few records and a new guitar. Holy Smokes.I had to get back to Copenhageb for the rest of recording and for Roskilde Festival. One of the hugest Festivals in the world. Fenar and Cilton had been working on a movie all week, and ready to have time of life......yes. The sunday before the fest me and Fenar went to visit Trail of Dudes at this crazy town within the town of copenhagen."Christiania" It is owned and operated by squatters or families of the original squatters that moved into a old army barracks years and years ago. They have a club and coffee shop and gardens and crazy looking houses. It's a very spectacular place. When you're standing in the middle of it, you forget you are even in the city. We couldn't stay for the show because me and Fenar had to go to work at the festival. The work consisted of playing video games and drinking coffee midnight till six in the morning. Back to Copenhagen......Then Back to Roskilde(thirty minute train ride). Camping and working for five days straight. I got to see Fantomas again, Trail Of Dead again, Brian Wilson, Snoop Dogg, Ohoi Sound System(denmark's finest), Duran Duran, Black Sabbath, Femi Kuti, Roots Maneuva, ..The Mitchell Brothers, Kano, More Fire Crew, Rahzel and Mike Patton, Joanna Newsome, The Faint , Turbo Negro.......and that's not even half of the bands. One hundred Thousand people camping together in the biggest not-for-profit five day show i've ever been to. All the money made goes into helping the danish community. Went back to copenhagen for another couple of days before i had to leave. I want to say it again, thank you so much from the middle of mu heart for putting me up, friends and extended family. Get on the train, catch the train to the plane, go back home.

...........................Part Three and a Half: Golden Rains of Today are the Rest.

So glad to be home. "A-FORMATIK ON TACT" played with the Black and The Pretty Beat-Up. I started driving to louisiana every two weeks to visit my gramps and show him the spoils of my trip. He'd gotten alot more sick than he was before. Back home i'm working tons.. Fenar came over from Copenhagen to stay for a week with us. It was the best to get to see him so soon. You are welcome anytime my friend. The next month saw The floods of Louisiana , The release of the record, A Trip to NYC to play, and the death of my mentor, and more line-up chnges still to come. My heart goes out to the people of Louisiana. If you can do something to help. Please do it. We don't know how long we all have to live.

..........It seems like there is more to say .Not that much band stuff to report. Right now we're changing and that's what we are. But this is a small portion of what's been going on. we have records done right now, and are working on the next full-length. We are touring at the end of February and beginning of March. If you live in the East Coast or Mid-West, get in touch. Support UnderGround Music.

____________________________________-rest in peace-_____Doyle Chambers_______________

......We are together. We are Blood. Can't wait to see you again. 'Cause i waited my whole life just to get back to you.


4/28/2005 - A Quick One While I'm Away.......................................

................................i'm leaving for a couple of months. if you live in california or western europe, send me an e-mail and let me know what to do. we are having two release shows in august. And the FORMATS have just recorded a brand new full-length in progress. All the people that have been sending us the goods......thank you. We'll return them three fold. Just give us a second or two. Huge update coming in a couple of months. Lots of new projects and releases on the horizon.....Support Underground Music.


3/1/2005 - Stuff Is Happening......................and that ain't that Bad.

We have just finished our new record, "Somebody As Anybody". It's coming out at the middle of july on Australian Cattle God....a little bit longer than we expected. but, schedule this, schedule that.......and anyway, how could you trust a guy who's so nice to everyone?. Any Ideas?. SXSW is looming ahead with more details on the shows soon. We are playing Feb.18th for my birthday with The Animals Of The Bible and The Kodiaks and The Nervous Exits over at Beerland. Please come out and don't bring presents. Also, there are a couple of new songs available here for free. Take them to your computer.

.................................And XxXXxxX You Very Much.........XOXOX

11/29/2004 - "You Know I Got You Open Friend." Update: Part Two Until Now.

...............Iwanted to be able to close out this huge update a long time ago. I wanted to , but everything leading up to and after ,our family, Dustin Poyner passed away has been slipping from me. He is one of the few people i've known since we were puppy dogs together. Thirteen, fifteen, playing in bands around each other, always eyeing what we were each up to. He was an amazing artist who did posters for us and would play acting manager when need be . And made us laugh, and made me really mad, and made me better. He passed in May right in the middle of the month. He saw his favorite band, Lungfish, the night he died. We hung out late into the evening playing dice and having a good laugh at all the stooges hanging around. I guess this whole time I've been trying to figure out what to say..........I still don't have it together to make this into what i want, which is just to have him around a little more. And I miss you from above to below ground. I hope you didn't lose that smart ass mouth of yours wherever you are.

..The small things that are happening with us is ..........We just got back from a short tour up to the chicago and the minneapolis to play with some of our good pals. Thank you so much to the Soviettes and The Heads And Bodies and The Tyrades, as well as The Triple Rock Social Club. Sorry about the dressing room, and the deli trays were exquisite. The split single with The America Is Waiting will be given away with the first 200 copies of the vinyl version of the new record. After that they are gone. Thanks to all the peeps that came to see us play out in the midwest. ..........We will be playing on Jan 6th as "The ATTAK (iN)FORMATION". All new songs for one night only, and the whole show is super free. We will have a ton of free giveaways and a lot of suprises. This is the fourth year we have done this. All the shows, this one included, have been recorded and will be coming out at the tail end of next year. Bands that are right now going on..........Animals Of The Bible, This Microwave World, The Sword, You And Me Falconry, America Is Waiting, Glorium reunion show, Metric, new OHNO l.p., and a shitload of soundtrack records. Also, I Stopped playing records @ the Whisky bar on saturdays. My new spot is the Room 710 @ 710 red river - every sunday starting dec 12th. ............So there we are for now. Keep sending those e-mails.


8/13/2004 - "Trying to bed a young girl, her mother with a glass eye, named Erica - while she tried to remove it, Our country was in trouble, and so was America." Update: Part One.

This is where we stand.....................After a quick jaunt to L.A. and then on to San Francisco for some much needed fun and some painful hobbies................ While we were in the S.F. i got to see the peeps and do some research.. The second night alotted for an awesome show in Oakland with Triangle, Deerhoof, Numbers and a bunch of really great bands all together at the same dirty warehouse. It was super-fun, although i can't remember the name of the event(something like the kill music that sucks fest, or something like that), while we were headed to the car we got a little surprise. A guy starts yelling at us to fuck off and die, then we hear and see this huge group of guys running at what, we thought, was us.Turns out, only one guy wanted to tear us to shreds. All of the guy's friends were running over to stop the guy. No worries, obviously we look familiar. Lucky Jeremy and The Dirty Preston had flown up to meet me and hang out with Sara for a few days. Sunday was back to the city of angles. I was staying with the Har Mar and Lucky J-muggs right on the sunset strip. With my luck the night i left, Sean got us on the list for the beautiful Miss Kelis. We made a trip down the stree for a snack and to hang out with Big Worm one last time. Also, with my luck, the show was running late, so i didn't get to see you KELIS. Although, Miss Diaz, yes we'll talk later. Return the Rental Car, Get On Plane................no worries. Now back to Austin...............We played a show with Daniel Johnston at the red eyed fly. If you ever come to austin, either on tour or for recreation, this place sucks. We had a great time, but c'mon this place sucks so fucking bad. Can't we just not have bands play there, or maybe, anything that might make people go there for any reason at all? i'm gonna work on it. Maybe i'll have a benefit?

..........As most of you know the onslaught that is sxsw, here is a short version. Free bands and booze and food and thousands of people enter our town for some good-ass bull riding and big-blonde hair and spitting on the sidewalks and more crap like that.There are always way too many thing to do always, always. These are just a few things i can recollect for you in no order whatsoever.................................We played three times in one day. The first was in a back yard. They have been having thier own mini-festival here for the last three years. Lots of food and lawn chairs with a backwoods kinda feel. Our extended family, "A-FORMATIK ON TACT" gave the people something to think about. Then "ISSUES" played. they were great and super loud.Thanks for asking us to play .We had only to drive six blocks to the great Terrible One bike ramp on 6th st. These guys are amazing, as people and for the amount of support they give bands and record labels. They make bikes and you can find them on the interweb. When we toured with the Trail Of Dead awhile back, one of the terrible one guys was doing sound for them. Since they extended the ramp(they completely bowled out the end of it) , it has turned into an amphitheatre. The sound there was f-ing amazing and the man, Jeffrey, was at the controls making it that much better. Also, they had gotten every kind of Boones Farm they could find in this affluent east side community.. Who knew they made CranDazzleBerry? It was Gold Stadard Labs and Ace Fu's party. We only got to see The Holy Kiss unfortunately. But, they were good nontheless, and the boone's was out. Off to Le Privilege(what a great name for this shithole) to play our last show. Our very good friends in T.O.D.D.were playing right before us outside on the other stage. Getting to kick it with our england mates was truly one of the best times to be had. And thier show was kick ass too, even though i think that with halfstacks, they would annihilate peeps all over. They are on Southern now, and they gonna have a record out soon in the springtime i think, so watch your back. And but thier record too.They have the smallest keboards with the biggest sounds too. And i love them too. And they are the best too.Meat and Mates Por Vida. Everything went well, except for this one lady that "doing her job". Seems we signed some contracts(i'm still talking with our lawyers on this one) with coca-cola or sony or disney or something, that says, "everything you guys want to do is cool, but seriously no fucking banners". I don't remember signing that shit, but you know, who knows? She kept telling me to be cool and not talk about it to anyone or we would be in some serious trouble. So, DON'T tell anybody all right? And the Dan Muldoon(AFO high counsel member 3) came down and tore it up. He had been in morroco studying with -Uudsmen in the mountains for a spell. And, now has returned to high Itelligence.The week was spent hang out with friends and seeing some bands. Me and Patty's nipple got a little time together, The Texas RollerGirls totally rule for taking me up on the offer to dance with head SexSmith, Har Mar Superstar, "Girl i saw you". The Walkmen played an incredible show. Super loud and crazy, completely different than last time, which was great as well, but "OhYeah"!.......Chris Wilson I miss your ass, Ted take care it for me. I got to meet Steve and Stevie from............................ Loose Lips Sink Ships(magazine from london). Steve Gullick is an amazing photographer. Thanks for all the niceness, you guys rock. Shortly after this, they had our good friend Tim Kerr write an article to accompany some of those great photos. Pick it up while you're waiting for a plane or the tube or something. Or take a look at it here.

................and with the passing of the "music" festival. We got to see The Deerhoof and play with them for a couple of nights. Thank you. Fuck they are good. Satomi had these really great stuffed fruits, and she made the bannana dance with the strawberry. If you have not heard "milkman" yet, then you are stupid and nobody likes you anymore. Also, got to play with a band from here called The Weird Weeds. Greg(D.hoof) used to be in a band with one of these fellows, and they are from here. Man, i don't think i've seen a band like this bbefore. It was like evil-nature sounds being played by the happiest children playing on a smashed can and pots and pans. We liked them so much , we recommmmmmended them to the A-FORMATIK family. Less than a week later they played with them at The Church of The Friendly Ghost. Lori Surfer played some great movies and Clark Wilson(those peabodys) was Chritened in to the Formatik as Lead Singsman. While being the official leader for quite a time, he knows clls the shots and shoots them too. The new Those Peabodys e.p. is Super-Kewl. It sounds gigantic and the new three piece has really nice effect on an already kick-ass band. We finished mixing for our new record, tentatively called "Somebody As Anybody". The people on this are in no order way...Reagan Van Matre - Mike Carrol - Beth Kerr - Bryan Nelson - Dan Mulddon - Mike Vasquez - Jennifer Brown - Linda Webster - Tim Kerr - Kenneth Holland - Julie Carrol - Kathryn Kowalski - Ben Webster - Mikel Is Waitng - The Ghost Of John Brown - Jason Reece - A-FORMATIK ON TACT Family Tree - Ron Miller - Conrad Keeley - Bill Jeffrey - You and Me Falconry........................This will be coming out in the end of February. The month of Soliloquood. Here's a couple of songs from that shit.


6/15/2004 - I'm working on a gigantic update of all of the goings on of the organyeyzation. be patient. And yes i've been returning all those e-mails.......The OrganEYE. In the meantime support underground music.



-------------------------------------------------------Dustin Poyner--------------------------------In Memory.

2/26/2004 - If your giving it all away, then maybe we'll take three. and then the rest of the numbers when your looking.

so........................All these changes keep happening.Time passes and is't getting warmer slowly. December saw many changes as well. Our little town went into a huge excitement shock when , to our suprise , winter wasn't going to start until mid january. The Dan Muldoon has been away from the live side of the bands these days. He has been studying with Dr. Mookles at the underground lab. Learning the UDE. When he will graduate and come back will be announced as it happens. We played some shows in the last fall. Playing The Arm's record release was awesome. They were incredible. Also with Sean Arm's other band This Microwave World and the f-ing amazing untouchable This Moment In Black History(from cleveland) over at the emo's bar. There has been a little talk about us going on a short tour with them on the west coast. More on this later. Our good friend Ron Miller was back in town to give some tattoos over the holidays. We even got to play with him on new year's eve. Rumor has it he will be back in our fair city by this fall. fuck yes. fuck yes. And january, as usual, gave way to our annual free show as the "ATTAK (iN)FORMATION". Oh,Beast and The Steers played too. you should see them steers. Oh my. and that is a good thing. This show was our third consecutive attempt to prove you don't need all those long old songs to get down and throw some stuff. The Paper Chase asked us to play a couple of shows with them in houston and here. They are now on Kill Rock Stars, as well as Deerhoof. And the HOOF are the band that you want to want to hear. They will be here in the april...................and now for the thing...................Our show with The GOrch Fock. They will go down in history as one of the most incredible bands to come from here. An all ster super line-up(i'll let you try and figure it out,if you don't know) with the aesthetic of the butthole surfers(movies,double drummers, insane fans) but, so much more intense , in a very noisy heavy kind of way. It also saw the return of thier singers other band with his twin brother, John Galt. They are a two piece. They are loud. And i think sombody got hurt, but i can't remember. Adam and his Chromatix Ratx came thru and we followed them from here to H-town for a few days. You sexxxy boys can stay over anytime. The Buddy System(electonic laptop guy) also came up and played. If you haven't.......you should , and give him a kiss too, 'cause he's good. And "The A-FORMATIK ON TACT" got back down to size with some garage bands. As a two piece, they got thru a trans am , a walkmen , and a heart pounding rendering of god head silo's unreleased classic " The Party". And finally, Ben Webster's birthday. ...............The Formation put on a benefit for an organization in juarez, mexico called Casa Amiga. Over the last ten years, more than four-hundred women have been murdered outside and around the city. Casa Amiga is one of the main source that provide outreach to the women of juarez. Please go check out thier website. www.casa-amiga.org..........I want to thank everyone for coming and supporting this. We raised over a grand and got a stockpile of clothes. Thank you all very much. We threw a huge party for all the bands that played too. Check out last week's chronicle, we got "Best Afterparty Of The Week". I didn't even know they had that award. But to christen us with the very first one..................that really is something. Dontcha think?

And as with all things, we change. This is the Functioning OrganEYEzation. Nick Moulos, Reagan VanMatre, Rebecca Whitley, Bill Brown, Ben Webster, Bill Jeffries, Moses Mayo, Kenneth Holland. Moses has started to remix us live. He also plays in the SUB OSLO(denton). They are a fantastic dub band from up north of here. They are playing at The Parish of March 12th too, so go see them. Quincy from The Gospel Swingers, plays drums for them. And I'm leaving for los angeles in the early hours on wednesday. I'll say hi to the Deer that is Hoof for you. I am going to be hanging out with the Har Mar trying not to get that arrested this time. Can You Say MIlkshake????????

1/20/2004 - Sta te of our union address in bur ninin g( ef)figy......We have new pictures up from the ATTAK (iN0FORMATION show from earlier this month and when we went to houston with the PapEr ChAsE. go look at them. and......................there is and has been a ton of change going on in the past few months. Go and download the new A-FORMATIK ON TACT e.p. "snakes and sliders". And, enjoy the pix. Shortly i will give all the details..But for now, just this.


10/28/03 - Can We Have a Change?........Hey,That's O.K.That's O.k.That's O.K.

.......................and........................we..........are///////////////working..........................again. I first and foremost, wanted to say thank you to all the people that cam to, and played on , the show at the pedestrian bridge next to lamar and riverside. It was something that felt great. The cops never came and The J Church and The Storm The Tower and Us all got to play for over an hour.And don't worry, we will hit that shit up again. Now, if only kids would do more shows down there or anywhere strange..............The last few months have been like this. August happened. Ron Miller left to seattle to continue making people's skin look good. He will back again and agin , so don't worry.We played with the f-ing power of the you know what by thier side. I can't believe how good these guys get every time I've seen them.Here's a little slice of the heaven that is called Deehoof. Along with one of my favorite austin bands The Octopus Project. All white everywhere with the you know baloons from which way again. The Oh,Beast did the rock as well. Brandon you look marvelous baby mn. The Better Beat Bureau had the privilege of hosting the first show of the 5ive-Way Action, and the "Randall at the controls" band, Miss Rae and The Royal Family. And then after that we spent most of the time finishing up our record at the beautiful Sweat Box studios in downtown austin. Bryan Nelson was at the helm. The head count for the event was - jason reece - dan muldoon - kenneth holland - linda webster - nick moulos - conrad keely - reagan van matre - rebecca whitley - tim kerr - julie carrol - bryan nelson - mike vasquez - ben webster - jennifer brown - beth kerr - mike carrol - bill jeffries - alison 0hno - mikel reginio - daughters of american evolution. Hopefully it will be out in a few....next spring i think. There's even a Dj Shadow song that made it's way on there.. Provided that the man is permiting of permission.

..........There was our show with The Ex. i had the great time that night. they were amazing. No, i mean they were fucking amazing. My friend got drugged at the club and i had to take 'em home right in the middle of it. but that twenty minutes i got to see blew me away. The Kid a.k.a. Ghost a.k.a. Kenneth Holland went over to the T.O.D.D. side of the pond with the Her Space Holiday. Gigantic festival l, lots of button pushers. Me and The Jason R> have been playing the rap music on saturdays at The Whiskey. You should drop by when you feel like it. 10-2. and a little extra when the bottoms are bouncing. There is also so a new artcle the very nice people at City Fold did too. Push this to take a look. Iwent to the L.A. to visit . Stayed at the beautiful Miami Vice home of alison goodman. Patrick came down from new york. Sean was playing A.T.P. and i got to see the Minuteman Duo. This has to be one of the most outrageous things i've ever seen. I don't think i've felt such an awe. "if we all listen real hard, i bet we can hear that third part, don't you think................". Ran around everywhere, got to meet david cross, ate at the Bright Spot, and we found the big trees thanks to Totes Mcgotes. Ben Snakepit did a Danzig/Samhain/Misfits cover band for halloween. Iwent as him. Just before the show(two days) i fell down on my skateboard and went boom. Completely sliced my hand up good. Just got back to using this week. And why does it seem like everything keeps turning. Can't figure it out. We are all here, Reaching out. Does it make a difference? Are all the lines moving within us to make contact with each other? We are coming back at the end of this month. There are a couple of shows in december/january. The Chromatics are coming to play with us in february. And now what am i doing to participate? T.S.G.D.A.C.L.I.V.E.S. ....................and everything keeps turning. Put you arms around us. No matter who's around us. Support this shit. Underground Hip Hop............................................. Fucking amazing rock music.


7/13/2003 - Yeah Yeah...they put your name on a cup....but did oyu see who filled it up?

......so to begin this as with every update is late. trying to find out what is happening until it has already happened. this is riight now. we just finished redording the basic tracks to our next record last week. there have been shows too. let me see what has happened..... the wonderful people at terrible one let us play at the ritz with some fine bands. they are a local bike company owned and run by riders. thier bikes are awesome. after that Tia Carrera played with us for one of the continuing Better Beat Bureau shows at beerland. They have been making sure people know they can dance to anything, including stuff you haven't heard yet. Thank Somebody won't you?. Tia was amazing as always. What sound barrier......wait....what did you say? The Leveller D.J.'s gave everybody love in the roots tradition. Mark tell Allen to turn up the bass.......agggahgahaghghgaha. Then the beginners had thier way with the twenty-one uppers while Jacob gave us the upper eicholon of soul and funk. Can i just say this guy is fucking amazing. I don't think i have heard somebody with such an extensive vocabulary. And he can make the asses shake too. Yum. During the past few months A-FORMATIK ON TACT has been in the workshop putting together thier newest E.P.....snakes and sliders.You can download them here for free or make us give you a copy. The Daughters Of American Evolution guest the entire thing. They did thier thing with the Centimeters form l.a. and the mighty ,....Arm. This band has a great guy named Gabe and Sean from This Microwave World. They do a few Fall covers and have keyboards too. For this band i say, thanks for finaly making the kids who like faster songs happy. Plus, c'mon Sean knows how to throw that shit down. In a related matter, The "M" World have been busy. We were fortunate enough to sing with our dumb voices on thier newest recording. The tracks we heard before we left the studio were great. Also finding time to host every sunday at beerland. Disco Hospital happens sundays with normally one or two D.J.'s and a band.The Ghost Of John Brown taught his usual lesson and a half just this eveening. I got to see Majjong tonite. They are from chicago and they like the Rapture and Fela. So you know what i mean. Dancing is always a welcome way to say hello. Go to this shit. It beats the hell out of dancing to ninties hits masquerading as late eighties hits. Even though it is so fun. There is a show in the near future with The attack Formation and This Microwave World. It will consist of the WorldFormation orkestra covering each other's stuff. . More details to come. Next.....We played at The Skatepark of Austin. Kodiaks, Manikin, Winks, and Beginners were all held guilty. The guys that run this place are super nice. If you skate , you have to go here. Six foot bowl into a ten foot. Or something like that.Great chiken tacos too.. Thanks for the shade tree, it felt like my school parking lot all over again. And that's a compliment. Shortly after that one of our good friends, Amanda had an accident. It seems some asshole hit her with a car. Just standing in someone's front yard. ughhiuggngg. We played with the always great Fuck Work and some other bands at sacred cup coffee house. Get better girl. Keep yer head up. There are two very big suprise collaborations on the way. And we went on tour. So....May was used for both of these. October will hol dall kinds of suprises, just wait. Just before tour we got to experience the Oh, Beast! at Room 710. They consist of 1/2 of Zulu As Kono and they give the Rah Bras a very big musical hug too. Then came tour in a tiny carriage. After making a quick stop over in baton rouge to see my granddad and make some fun with M.C. and Billy , we played in tuscaloosa with the Humans. They are made up of two keyboards and guitar and a Bryan from man or astroman on drums. It was the closest thing to seeing Those Peabodys if they had electronic stuff. The word is that they will be coming to austin in the near future. I will keep you up to the date in question. Then we went to see our good friend Lee Baughn in the chapel hill. The show went good. Somehow right in the middle of everything i got hit in the head with a guitar harder than i ever have before, shortly before i started into a little "exchange" with an audience member. Umm , i'm still not sure how either one happened. Instant karma maybe i think. We , of course, finished our night with our very gracious hosts Luke and Lee from the Anchor Scar, over at The Hell Bar. You guys are great, thank you bunches. Oh......and come fucking visit soon. Bof of y'all. With a quick stop over in philladelphia for some great indian food and a visit with the great people of little rock who seem to be everywhere now. Hi Kathryn, hi Henson, hi Sam, and Chris i'm trying to make it to your wedding, so don't worry so much. We were off to D.C. to visit Ann Jaeger. We got to see Le Baton Rouge again. They are from Berlin by way of Portugal. Pure attitude and tons of carbombs later. The mall was left to our discretion for a bit. Then the rain set-in for a few days. Another trip into philly for a show at doc watsons. Within fourty-five minutes my camera got stolen we got pulled over and we didn't even get to compete in the band contest. We would have slaughtered the two dave matthews bands anyway.Note to self ...blow up this place. Nothing could have prepared us for what was to be in the new york city. Going to stay with the Leah in brooklyn for a few days was so awesome. As soon as we set foot in the door it was on. All around the city in a few hours and then over to northsix. Thank you for being so nice to us. It was five minutes before we were going to play when all our austin peeps and thier N.Y. peeps showed up. The show was great. We played in a tiny room with a fishtank. I know somebody who fell into the Galapagos mote. Wouldn't you like to know who............we got into the city right as the two days of perfect spring came. Out to coney island for a wonder wheel, and then a shoot the freak(gotcha little man), then a spook house of insane neck pain, then a stroll through used needles and whitefish that is the boardwalk. Directly after that we went to the Guggenhiem for the Matthew Barney exhibit. This is the stuff that gets the people haunted. Tons of props and stills from the movie. And did i mention the vaseline? Very tasty.As the sixth happened, so did Nick's birthday. He did the monkey-man dance to king tubby and then we got inside a refrigerator for a little while. Hunting big trees on the street is always to way to find wabbits. Patrick it is so good to see you. who knew you would still be that good looking at your age? We also got an extra day to enjoy the second coming of the rain. sniffling all the way to the record store. Found some michigan and smiley. Then the big news came. If you are sick , do not drink orange juice. Got it? The trick is cranberry. All the way. The selector told me so. This being our last day, we hung out on the roof and then made one last trek to the store for hamburger in a bag. You ladies sure do eat some funny stuff. Leah and Patrick....you guys fucking rock. Super early to rise and drive to cleveland. More of that wet water on our heads. We played with The Rapture and Lives of Saints. Both were very juicy. Thank you cleveland. We stayed with our good friend Chris from The Chargers. He has a new band called This Moment in Black History. They are amazing and I'm going to try and convince them of thier impending trip to austin. We shall see if that works. I think that me and Chris and Nick wrote two entire records that night too. But i can't seem to remember where i put the master tapes right now...............ummmmummm. Chicago was great. We got to see the NHL finals, see our austin peeps and get into a little lite movie making. The Baseball Furies were great as usual. Why do the people at the Bottle always so nice to us? Because they are great. Yes.That's right. After the show we all went over to odie's house. Ms. lacy Witherswathersby came along too. Then we filmed the second in a series of inter-coastal pictures me and Lacy have been working on. This on stars the wonderful Dan as the narrator and presents Odie to be the unknown prince. More on this maybe never. Hello minneapolis. My heart swelled as we made our way to Lucky Jeremy's house. I miss you Thorn. Jeremy is the dreamiest. Isn't he ladies? The first of our three day tour on the cities was at Big V's. Thank you st. paul. Out of nowhere at the end of the night, we were leaving and two of ur friends got into some kinda brawl with two idiots. It ended with Ron and Dan and Nick screaming in spanish to" go run or die". It was great. Jason i hope you are feeling better. We'll put one of thiers in the hospital....family style. We got to go to Casey's for the lovely women to share with us thier tales of woe. Tonight we played with Melt Bannana at the entry. They killed everyone. They are brutal and they are the only people who know how to dance to grind/hardcore. You gotta show the kids the way. Got to see the Carrisa and the Paulie, keeping the austin tight in the twin places. Miss y'all. Sunday was awesome. We played the record release show for the Soviettes. It was with Sweet Jap(thier singer is a monster) they made every one jump off of everything. Nine hundred poeple drenched in beer is quite a sight. I got to see the most bestest people ever on this night. Hi Lori, Hi DaveG., Hi Dave G., Hi Nate, Hi Dillanger Four BroZ. Sunday was "Go" Day of the tour. We left at #:30 in the morning and headed home. Lucky is the best host , just ask him. We drove straight home. 23 hours later and alot of the most beautiful pile of crap known as the mid-west. You guys need to put more stuff in there seriously. then after that, We got home at 11:30 at night saturday night. After fourty-five minutes......there was three hundred people in our front lawn. We got home just in time for Ben White's birthday party. Ben you are great. The party was very fun and the cops had a good time just watching. nice for a change. This was the best homecoming we have ever had. With a short rest , we played with the D.F.I.( dave from j-chuch) and with The Sword(J.D. from those peabodys) on juneteenth. One of the best holidays with some of the greatest guys around these parts. I will never be the same after seeing The Sword. I have a feeling that the twenty- sided dice have been loaded and are ready for the hit points to be countede. Ron miller was to leave for Switch Hitter tour only a few day after. We had another Better Beat Bureau show with those guys and the awesome Teenage Dog. They are people from Robots, Please! and sadly to say , i just heard that was to be thier last show for the people. Had we known we probably would have rented a pony or something. The Butcher Bear and Gost of John Brown took care of those pecious little pieces of wax. Then off to houston for the second to last show for one of our favorite bands, The Jewws. We got play with The Swarm Of Angels also, who were great. You have to see this band to appreciate the full onslaught. So, everyone move to houston for a day if you will please. The Bureau represented the way to do things on the tables , as well as The Brandon Whitley SoundSystem. Damn, that guy has some great songs. The Jewws put on one of the best shows.And the "tree" lounge in the back didn't hurt either. Rebeccanize and "i'm Sorry" Omari gave it to the sound guy and that was all she wrote. Hi Jason and Renita.We got back to Katy in time to test out the local pool. Felling free in the summertime you know. Fuck the drive home. The mighty fourth of july was upon us. We had a B-B-Q at the Orgnztn House and then off to the top of the parking garage to see the fireworks. This is one of the best and worst nights. The Bobbyteens came to play, but The Jewws were having thier last show ever too. It was great. I think even Matt Jeww had fun this time. Hi Matt. Rebeccanize finally moved in with Lisa Rockenberger. And by the way, The Five Way Action will be playing thier first show in august with Miss Ray and the Royal Family at Beerland on the twenty-first. Oonce Oonce and D.J. Alba and The Nick will be making you feel good the way only the B.B. Bureau can. Next up after getting used to being back at the work, was the Regular GuyZ strip-off. Why did we set this up for Mike Rodriguez if he's on tour? Our old Formation sweetheart, Brandon Crowe took first. What a cute lil' cowboy. To my amazement, Scott Biram played. What an amazing guy he is. If you haven't seen him yet, what the fuck are you waiting for? The hard Feelings put on a great show as usual too. But, seeing all those girls lose thier shit was all worth it, i have to say. Then after all the shit-talking we have done about playing the pedestrian bridge finnaly came to a head. J-Church and Storm The Tower played with us right before they had to leave for tour. It was so fun. Thank you to everybody that came. I have never seen anything like it before. Two hundred and fifty plus and the cops didn't do anything. So Nuts. Ben Snakepit, you'd better be having the time of oyur life, 'cause you deserve that shit. And me and Nick already miss you bitch. The next day "The A-FORMATIK ON TACT" played with Faux Jean at the club of all beers. We had our new bass player Rebeccanize on the scene too. For once we had a brand new singer. He didn't show up to practice as i remember it, but he knew all the changes. Thanks Gordon. I hope your girlfriend isn't stll totally embarrassed. The Jean was in town recording with the Tim Kerr for thier upcoming album, which i heard went great. And all in the same the day The Soviettes showed up to. They had a show with the Gambler of the Riverboat kind and also the fucking best band, Sweet J.A.P.. Minneapolis invasion anyone? Taking the day off of work is the best idea i had had in a while. Cook outs, used record shopping and then i got to see my Mom play a show and totally blow everyone away. Oh Yeah! Thier show on friday was great. Northwest pool and a bunch of leftover food later........here we are. We are doing recording stuff tommorrow. The record should be done in a month or so. Random stuff.......Iheard the Mastered copy of This Microwave World's record. It rocks and the beats hit hard. The Americas Is Waiting show with Melt Bannana was great. They have a new drummer. If you live on the East coast, they will be going there in the august. Go see them, they are great. We are playing with Deerhoof on the Eighth of next month. Can't wait to see The Octopus Project again. Can you guys get anymore fun to watch? thank you. And lastly i wanted to say that Ron Miller , our drummer right now, is moving to seattle to tattoo for awhile. We are going to miss the shit out of you. You are invaluable. Please come home to us as soon as you possibly can. And then the next day came. And then the next breath came. Love you Lucky.

5/29/2003 - We're on tour. Come give us the secret handshake.

5/8/2003 - hey - my friend Ines Batllo is having an art show. If you live in Austin, check this stuff out.

5/3/2003 - THE GHOST OF JOHN BROWN SPEAKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is some candy for you. April Showers Mix- - - -- - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - -Godspeed To You Dj Sue. - - - these are huge. but very worth the wait. Just right click and save.

3/24/2003 - there is so much to say. We just had fifty thousand people in our town. All clubs on high alert, but not really protecting thier interests. I just got out of the car, fifteen hours total. great great. What has been going on? What has been going on? We had the second in a series of shows we're doing for the "Attak (iN)formation". All new songs for one night only. These will be coming out as limited e.p.'s. The infamous Terry Brown(El santo,Galaxian)even made it out to give us a hand, along with Marcy 176(The Kid)and Mr. Sean Shank(dank bros.) We played with the Blues Condition band, who took all the girls in bastrop and made them happy again. We got some new mixes finished for the full length with the steady hand of Bryon.Our good friends The Faux Jean (from the minney apples) came down for Mr. Cody Wayne to give the business. I hope we get to see you soon. It was also the premier of the now famous Leveller Dj's spinning the best fucking records I've heard inna a while maan.The word is, that they tore up the patio at one of our favorite chocalate coffee bars. I'm also glad to say that they have both recently joined the B3tt3r B3at Bur3au .We also played with the This Microwave World, Who fucking wave my ass off. I almost had to repaint the place with my face on account of how cool the p.a. was being with us. A similar song maybe, but we can work together don't you think? Directly afterwards The Total Sound Group Direct Action Committee played with them as well . and with The always great The Kodiaks and The Guitar Wolf. And ..The Better Beat Bureau Gave everyone something to think about all night. I don't know if I've seen a better mix of people in all of my life. You could actually see all the people sizing evrybody up for points on the show. Different people in a very tight space is a very good thing, it causes everybody to get real close and talk to each other. Thanks for having fun. Then...birthday...Then... Las Vegas. Me and my wonderful sister went to Las Vegas for our bithdays.(we're twins). Skating down the strip was fantastic , and gambling, and getting food poisoning for a day or so wasn't bad either. But the best was the Stratosphere. I have to say thier Au De Steak something or another was fantastic. And the dining room spins all the way around Sit N' Spin style.127 Floors Up.It was a first screwing by prxxcelxne that I had to miss our show with Atom and His Machine Box. My flight left at 1:30 in the early morning and got me into dallas by 5:00 a.m. for me to sleep at my gate and have everyone leave without giving me a wake-up call. I got home at !;35 a.m. Thanks D. Hollar!!!!The Julie Carrol Band had practices that i think constitute a real band situation. Come on Girls ....let's get 'em.!!TOTES.HI. The Daughters Of American Evolution Are just about to make thier debut on Total Sound Group Direct Action Committee's new seven inch(Gern Blanston). They have also recorded a new single with Us which will be available soon on our upcoming MAGAZINE!. This will be on the web and involve an extensive austin tape archive with things that you have never heard before. Bands of Austin !989-1998 I guarantee this will be gigantic. You have to listen to Deerhoof as much as possible. And why not support underground music?

And Handsome Joel died. And Amber Diva died.

I miss them both and i want thier/our friends and my friends to know , that I love them.

Then weeks happened and then the music conference came into town with all the elephants and tents and clowns and whistles.The Craig Clouse of Formation Organ Fame came also, from merry old England to give us the T.O.D.D. The first of thier two shows ended with one song finished and alot of "squirmish squirmish" type stuff happening. The Mon-Shurs Does Rok got in some sort of a country discrimination situation with those Pan American Stans. Our Good friends, The Heads And Bodies came to stay with us for the duration of our well-week . They are the sweetest sweethearts ever. And they even make omelet breakfast every morning. Pony you are a monkey's monkey. And P, you are a pony's pony. Then all of the bands showed up. Wednesday good bands include Switch hITTER ...Heads And Bodies pulling off another job for us...thank you. We played at the ever- so famous Club 505(austin's own viper room) with the Switches and also the Condition and also the great Tia Carrera. I have a feeling there is going to be a "Together" show with them soon. The miller people were very dissapointed to learn that we have very crazy Norwegian "Tiny Fans" that like to destroy banners of lesser beers than thiers. When all was said and done the eithy-five wrestle-boys had made it out of the club and into the gyro store.Beret played with The Misters Duff Ruffy and The Scene Creamers But the real prize has to go to fucking T.O.D.D. at tenth and red river. One of the best bands(mute/Blst Frst) ever came upon.The wizard surfed around on his box and the band killed on. I can't wait till we see you guys again.We saw Oxbow who wierded everyone out with thier naked - core. They drove thirty hours to play here and then turned around and did it all again so nobody would miss them there. Very loud, very scary.Caioneach was seen at all the famous panels this year. He hosted the Guggenhiem party at Bonnies Bank along with The Bureau at the old Coliseum. Another vicotry for you know who....... Dan and i were able to spring the jack-moves on every place we went to on thurs day. The now infvamous Har Mar Superstar was in town for a twenty four hour jaunt to join the Sugar Hill gang at some weird warehouse on East 1st or somw where around there. Our party was rushed to the front of the line by the very helpful police of austin to get us inside the party. The first time i've seen them so incouraging. There were more names and faces then could ever be remembered. That's why they have all the journalists I think. The ghost of John Brown played records till the sunn came up after the Formerly know as Sugar Hill had left for the night. Nice to see you Sean.heart.x0x0x There were some bands at Club Deville, the little club on the rock. The band to see was the newest band with some of the guys from Paul Newman. Mark Smith from the Anologue Set is playing drums as well. They had an excellent show, but will we ever get to see them again? hmmmm. Some band called dance dance revolution , or something like that, played and some other insound bands. Very fun. But I had to go. We played with our good friends theTed Leo And The Pharmacists over at The Cantina. This was for all the D.D.D. bands, So the America is Waiting was there. They were great also. Chris Wilson is the most baddass insanely talented drummer I know. Bye Bye Pharmacists, I'll miss you. We made our way over to the Vortex Theatre after several hours of watching stuff. The line was not good, so we found the other entrance. Then we got out of there. The Total Sound Group Direct Action Committee was set to play at Beerland on the saturday with The Baseball Furies and The MQN(from brazil). Two songs into thier set ...Tim jumped up and when he came down, his leg twisted, and compound fracture!!!!! It was in credible to see what happened.There were rows of people in the front that had to take a little walk so nothing would come up all over the place. it was pretty intense for a bit.The organ player took some loose drumsticks and a couple of bandanas and fashioned the coolest looking splint ever. The doctor's in the emergency room even said so. Thank goodness the Furries were still playing afterwards. After that, We got out our clean bars of soap and headed back down town. Everything was moving very slowly, and we went o a party at The Matador. There was free massages and sushi and there were two "kinda" naked dancers in these gigantic martini glasses spinning around and being girly. And alot of bullshit cigarette crap too. We left there and figured out a scam to get in the twenty or so people to the Erase Errata show. It seems they were all really wasted due to the rcord labels of the world flooding our streets with free beer for a week. But.............it didn't fucking matter one bit. They played great and it was super fun. I think they are one the favorite bands of whenever.Fuck Yes.The Moving Units and also, Fast Forward, and also The Locust played.It was o.k. Moving Units are awesome.Kill Me Tommorow was great too. We got to hang out with Kyle and Sarah from San Fran alittle too. We finished off the night by going to see the BaseBall Furies again at a party off the east seventh side. The greatest humpers tribute band, "The Thumpers" played too. The beautiful and talented Mike Rodriguez Was bouncing all over the place.When the Furies tried to play , the power went out and then no show. And we played a party on sunday at John Yauklin's house with Jetscremer and The B-Ball Furies again, and this time they actually played. It was also the farwell to the T.O.D.D. crew as well. They left to go home. You should e-mail them and tell them send you something. They just finished recording a brand new mini-LP . England Crush Core. Hi Anne Jager. It was nice to see you.A few weeks later we had the first "Better Beat Bureau presents" party with The Make Shift Shelter and The Black. This time with Ghost Of J.B., Butcher Bear, and D.J. Alba. The next one is on April the Seventeenth at Beerland and will be with The Attack Formation and The Tia Carrera. And the Bureau will be joined by the wonderful Leveller D.J.'s helping us all out with all the relaxation for the night. Later that week Tim Kerr came back , after having surgery and a steal rod put into his leg, to play Sue's Fuzzclub. Idon't know how to rap all this stuff up. We made avideo that will be done soon. We're going on tour in the month of june on the east of coasts. Have the dates up soon.No matter how many words are on this page, I just feel very unsettled. There are all these things happening, and time is passing, and time is passing. Happy Birthday grandpa. Happy Birthday Muriah. Let the arms surround you.

and for Amber and for Joel. Thank you both for making a lasting impression on me.


3/18/2003 - NO WAR

Say what you may about the liberation of the Iraqi people from an admittedly tyrannical dictator, but there is only one thing we know for sure about what this war will bring. Thousands upon thousands of innocents will lose their lives. The day the bombs start falling over Baghdad will be a very sad day indeed. I fear for the innocents of Iraq, and the people here -- who've demonstrated in unforseen numbers that we do not want this war.

3/13/2003 - Fuck Club 505 -- and Fuck Miller Lite.

Here's a shout out to the cool guys working the 505:

I know you fucking nazi jarhead soundgarden-rocking dipshits probably can't read, much less fire up a computer and hit the web to read this, but if one of your less-retarded unibrow knuckle-dragging mouthbreather boyfriends prints it out on papyrus for you maybe you'll understand the phrase "eat a dick" We cannot and will not be blamed for the actions of people that come to our shows .. maybe if you, Andy and Gomer Pyle had stopped checking out each others Godsmack tatoos for long enough to actually run security, you'd have realized what actually happened to your "$2000" vinyl sign. Blame someone you let in and didn't watch, blame yourself, but don't blame us, because we don't know what the fuck happened to your stupid-ass corporate sponsored logo doing double-duty as sheetrock.

ON a brighter note:

TODD rocks ! If you missed TODD (London England) who played tonight with Oxbow at Le Priv .. you missed the shit. That band put on what will most likely be the best show I see this whole festival. My God, I think that keyboard played the resident freqency of my colon a few times, cause I shit my pants on at least four separate occasions. Dammit.

3/07/2003 - Big Texas-sized welcome for all the folks who'll be in town to visit for SxSW. I can't wait to check out some of the speakers. Richard Stallman (RMS) of Linux coding fame is speaking at the colloseum tonight Friday the 7th at 7:30, afterwards check out the Linux Top Gun hacking competition hosted by Symbiot security. If you give a shit about how Hollywood is getting ready to fuck us all (musicians,actors,consumers) you might want to know that Lawrence Lessig (the guy who'll save all our asses) is speaking on March 9th at in Colloseum Room 18AB at 3:30. Yeah, and get ready to be rocked too.

lawrence lessig

12/16/2002 - this is a short time between the october and the now. a -little- history.Exercise came down from minneapolis to play with The Total Sound Group Direct Action Committee. All the boys in the Party Of Helicopters played too, but for the third time in a row , all i got to do was say i was late, moth-er Fuccckkk-er.Finished up the new T.S.GD.A.C seven inch. It is out on estrus. GO OUTSIDE. The "A-FORMATIK ON TACT" have had a busy schedule over the last two months. Nick Moulos - Ghost Of John Brown - Ben Webster - Reagan VanMatre.....have been hard a work on thier new c.d.A couple of shows that were bent on bending things and glad to help.They play With The Rise and Those Peabodys and America Is Waiting and a bunch of very famous bands to make your head spin. This show will be a "work in protest" dedicated to the Frusch Family.Thanks to all that can.A collaboration with a creww of our friends. The most recent being Igloo, My Home - who have been ready to release thier third full-length.We should have some new songs out on the site soon. There's going to be some unreleased new stuff and some other stuff we don't know what to do with.On my way back from going to my cousin's birthday bash........which was great.........i stopped in houston for the night to go see Har Mar Superstar at the Woodlands. He was on tour with our good peoples Lori and Hiro. He was on tour with Incubus. The after party was great.........blah blah blah. seeing your friends is fucking awesome. I kept getting harassed and asked to leave the pit area. But i hung in there. T.O.D.D. have been making waves over in jolly old england. Our extended Formation Family , Craig and Terra will be coming over to the states to give the T.O.D.D. to the american birds. We'll have thier shows posted along with all our friends doing stuff around the march time. They do fucking nuts electronic hardcore. Hard to explain the nauseating feeling when that bass hits yoiu in the guts.Halloween - I went to new york for five days. I went to see Atom shake his stuff at the c.b.g.b. club for a little bit. I got to stay with the the wonderful Fontaine in Green(s)point(e). Went with Jeremy and Anne and Annie and Vanessa and FonFon to see Har Mar a couple of times.Jane Magazine Party. And to top off that with getting to see Prince Paul play records at a fancy hotel, followed only by cristal in the lobby.A First. I really Love Trains and all the sounds there alot.and the service.........We've been working on this record that just came out last month. We played a show with Those Peabodys and The Kodiaks and The Black for it.. They were all so great. The Black is.......kick ass....know what i mean? Dee-Jay Alba and the Ghost Of John Brown played one of, if not the best sets, together for the first time, and it was truly mind-blowing. Both of whom are members of The Better Beat Bureau. They will starting a night once a month at Beerland early next year .Along with The Bureau's Butcher Bear, mixing into each other's records along with two bands.More on that later.Buy our record alot.For all of your people that you know too. The Scene Creamers came and played with the t.s.g.d.a.c. - I think that thier music is inspired by the devil. Very Crazy sounding stuff from the Make Up folks.Glass Candy played too. They have gotten a ton better sonce the last time i saw them. And They can Dance too. Along with all the goings on in the inside, The Friends Forever set up in and kinda out of thier van right outside the club. They were following around Glass Candy. They were great for the five seconds they played. you should go to thier website and find out what i'm talking about. Thiere is also a movie about them called "Friends Forever - The Movie. yeah i know what it sounds like.Lee from chapel hill came to visit on the way back from L.A. He's moving here in january to open up a girl's clothes store.Fuck yes i can't wait. I got to see Sean again. Him and Lori and Hiro all came back with The Gossip and played with The Formation. Funnest time dancing so hard it hurt in a while. Hi The Gossip.Hope Your Doing Well. Miss You.When they left to Arkansas later on thanksgiving, The Har Mar clan went to Dan's for turkey with the F(amily)ormation. Best thanksforeverything ever.We're almost at the end of our year. We're planning on doing an anniversary for The ATTAK (In)Formation show we did earlier this year.This is a extension of our Organ Eye . We do this show every year and record the shows . They're all songs you can only see here.This time it will be on the Eigth of january with the Young Heart Attack and Blues Condition.Reagan Van Matre - Terry Brown - Ben Webster - Nick Moulos - Dan Muldoon - Ghost Of John Brown - Ron Miller - Shawn Shanklin Will be the line up. These are all songs that we are only playing this night and not again until next year or who knows when. We're going to play a couple from last year's show. And we also have a bunch of new songs too.Many surprises I promise, This week we're playing a Benifit For The Dougherty Arts School. It's at the 1313 gallery at 1313 south Congress . Starts at Six o'clock. Ten Bucks or something. Five for students.Free stuff i think.,If anybody wants to send me a tape.....1510 koenig austin texas 78756. I got to see This Microwave World again the other night with the Innocent at the Le P. They are excellent. They make me happy. I want to dance at them. Our frinds Faux Jean are coming to town at the end of january.T o Y o u . Yes. I am grateful too.Thank you for putting into words what i could'nt . Hang out with people you love. Put air into your lungs and make it back. I'm going to Little Rock for new year's eve. The Organ Eye...........P.S. Have you ever rocked the paintings off the walls.?????

----------------------------------S D R-------you are missed and very much loved----------------------------------------------12/27/2000------------.


10/1/2002 - All the pEople iN thE buildiNG ScReaM "fire" geT Out.....shit.....is out of control.This month's pick up of the great movie choice was One Armed Executioner. Oh yeah. seems like everything around here is kinda quiet after this past weekend's Gear Feast. Trail Of Dead is on tour with The Queens Of The Stone Age, Dracula Sucks just left on a little big tour of the midwest without thier e.p. in tow. Just in the nick of time as usual, the Total Sound Group Direct Action Committee just finished most of the recording for the next few singles. These will hopefully be out by the beginning of next year on Swami, Gern Blanston, and a more secret one too. We just got done with a ton of shows last month starting out with the Heads and Bodies , thier instore at the store. This was also our first show with Ron Miller playing drums. It was a blast. The heads and bodies were great. and our extended family , Carissa , even played a song with us. She always a baddass. Also, along for the red river / San Antonio shows, was our extended family from A-FORMATIK ON TACT , Reagan Van Matre. The shows were fucking fun fun all the way. So good to see all the peoples. After that we played with sightings.Bla Bla Bla. You probably know how they sound. Iknow how i wish they would sound , that's for sure. The Arm, which i think is just a "The FALL", also played. I saw two songs, FALL covers, they were great. Ithink they only play once a year, so,,........ make sure to mark your calendars. I got to see a great documentary on Anna Freud. I also got to see a movie about The EX, called Beautiful Frenzy. Oh Shit. This movie is really inspiring. It reminds me of Instrument without all the glaring everywhere. The only thing that could possibly blow away the music on this, even though it's kinda weird in spots, is the things they have to say. About each other, thier music, thier friendship, song structures. . Please try to find this. Mor emixing this week, trying to finish up some more songs from April with Bryan Nelson from the Sweatbox. Our c.d.e.p. is coming out on November sixteenth on Die Die Diemond Records. We're doing a couple of shows to partybomb and stormcrash the event. We'll play the week after at an in-store and then a show in San Antonio. There is rumor that Ernest might come visit from Kansas and that Kowalski might even be playing. We shall See, Shall't We? The total Sound Group Will be playing at The Beerland on Saturday the fifth with Exercise( calvin krime and salute the curse), who are on tour from the minneapolis. getting shit ready for production, and then i will be getting my self ready to get on an airplane to New York for the Halloween Holiday to see the lovely Sean, Jeremy, And introducing ATOM. And, Finally We've been doing alittle stuff around the here and there. There are flyers up on the dates page, and we finally have the CAIONEACH GALLERY up and running. Go to sleep station number three we're the formation separation rumble free.

7/19/2002 - CRIKIT anticipating your every next move.It's late and I just went to see Shakes The Clown. I remember liking it a whole bunch, but now i think it sucks a little bit. Last night 's show was really fun. Ryon from America is Waiting and Reagan from his own bad self were playing with us. New arrangments for a couple of songs and some new songs too. And on thier way, to meeting up with Sonic Youth for a couple of shows, Erase Errata was great. thier trumpet came to be totaly fucked up, so not so many songs. But, godamn they rocked the crap out of that place last night. Night before the Gravy Train - Bratmobile crew were in town from the Oakland/D.C. parts to play too. They played super and they also had Chris from XBXRX struting his new solo dance routine.Word to the ladies....no fucking dry humping. It seems like it's been raining forever here. The Total Sound Group Direct Action Committee made it back from a great trip out to the midwest, where they did three shows with The Chargers Street Gang from Cleveland. They were amazing to see every night, tons of energy. Also, just as great Lucky Jeremy and The Deadly Snakes. The last show was in a loft party in Chicago. It was nuts, everyone there was sweating a gallon a minute, I think a guy a guy fell down the stairs, someone told me billy Corgan "you suck" was there , and there was a shit load of Texas people there to make us feel right at home. They're going to be playing with The Dishes at Emo's in a week or so and then at the Gearhead fest at the end of the August. With some kinda recording in there somewhere. I got to go to Arkansas to see all the ol' Critters up there. More weddings.....I love it. I'll also begoing up to the Philadelphia for a week foe the Jen and the Atom and the Wilson. Hopefully a couple of new songs in the midst of that too. Dracula Sucks is working on the finishing up of thier new full length due out on Die Die Diemond. The same guys who are putting out the new Formation e.p. The D-Sucks guys will be going on tour in the fall as well.Lucky Jeremy was amazing as always with , his band right now, Dave from the Selby Tigers , the mighty Jeff Quinn, and Annie from the Soviettes. As far as recent transplants to the area, The Ghost Of John Brown has decided to go ahead and pack up the West Virginia Estate and give Austin a try. He's got the sundays over at Beerland for the time being while he gets his ducks in order. His new mix goes on sale end of August. You'll be able to buy it from us. It looks like Brandon is going to be in Man-jail for a little longer than expected. he will hopefully return to us around the end of september. In the mean time we'll have to figure something new out to give. I believe we shall start mixing our newest batch of songs toward the end of August, and we will play at The Parlour Pizza Punk Rock Place on North looP around then too. Watch out for the "oops" tour coming through your town soon. Lightning Bolt will be serving these other bands on tour, with some old fashion ass kickings for sure.And the beautiful Rah Brahs(richmond). Hopefully we'll have the Flyer section and some of the CAIONEACH art gallery up to the site soon. If anybody has a unusual place that we can play, please e-mail us. Wolf It Up. And Be Safe.


** 7/11/2002 Update on the missing Brandon Crowe situation **

A flood of emails from concerned friends has been flowing in .. I can barely keep up with it. for brevity's sake I'll only list one of them:

"I saw that fucker the other night. He punched me in the face and accused me of having sex with one of his dead children. He later apologized and took me behind the nearest dumpster and fucked my brains out. When I woke up the next morning he was playing with himself and laughing hysterically. He needs to be institutionalized!!!"

John Feltch

7/9/2002 - On Wednesday July 17, we'll be playing at Emo's with Erase Errata,The Kodiaks, and The Ghost of John Brown. Joining in will be Reagan Van Matre who fortunately arrived safely back in Austin, fresh from his Scandinavian tour -- and none too soon I might add. If anyone knows the whereabouts of our drummer, Brandon Crowe, please email us here. He was last seen arguing with the driver of a donut truck at 12th and Chicon.

Reagan Van Matre

Brandon Crowe

6/3/2002 - ____________xxx_____________xxx_______________.

I just got done. I just got done. things have been busy. NewStuff Going On.is.... America Is Waiting played with Jay's new band Pretty Girls Make Graves at Emo's last weekend and totally destroyed the place into the floor part of the place.there were a ton of fucking bands here in the last week or so. Five or Six nights of the Emo's nightlife in a row. Some of the bands I can remember rocking me were The Fucking Champs, Dead Low Tide, and Those Peabodys.The rest is not as clear yet. The last one on that list will be playing a "Party" with The Attack Formation{ Organization }and the America Is Waiting on Friday of this week. June 7th. we will have directions up soon.We are playing alot of shows this month as well as a recently scheduled Husker Du Hoot night at Beerland on the 14th of june. We are just finishing up the footwork to getting our split E.P. together. The c.d. is going to be a split with a japanese band called CA-P. They are amazing, kinda like my bloody valentine with lots of guitar players and stuff. This will be coming out in the fall in the u.s. and also out on G.A.C. in Japan. The Total Sound Group Direct Action Committee will be going over to Japan in October for a few weeks , and willl be leaving in july to play a shows at Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland and, also at The Empty Bottle in Chicago. This Thursdays show with Masculine/Feminine and Defend The Ghetto(people from flyin' guillotines-houston-tx) will be celebrating our dear Nick Moulos on his birthday. So don't forget mothergruckers. Also, we will be playing in San Antonio with Kowalski and THIS will be Jen's birthday. The annual burn your goddamned back contest has finally begun and i believe that i may have really outscored alot of you jerks. Too bad. I'm going to Philly at the end of july for a week in the quest of the wise ATOM and JEN, for a long-needed B and B session.The A-FORMATIK is currently working on recordings for a new c.d. . That will be dropping (time allowing) around of the end of the summer, along with a soundtrack that we currently have under constuction .Bryan from Dracula Sucks came and recorded a couple of songs. The next one is going to feature seventeen members of the Organization's family. The awesome art that appears on the A-FORMATIK ON TACT c.d. was done by the great Ben White. He just got a publishing deal for his fantastic comic "SNAKE PIT". If you haven't see this, you won't be dissapointed. Go to thier site and show your support. The name of the place is Young American Comics. I can't wait for all these shows coming up. Click this shit to see some shows that are coming up And Don't Forget To Use What You Got.

5/13/2002 - Nothing is true. Everything is permitted. - William S. Burroughs

Those of you who saw The Faint at Emo's on May 8th will agree they were amazing, as were America is Waiting. I had the esteemed priviledge of being behind the mixer when America is Waiting (who were specifically taken aside beforehand an warned not to wreck the set during their show .. in other words told not to play a typical AIW set) proceeded to tear the place apart, to the consternation of Jason Morales, the Emo's sound guy, who elicited pained goat-moans as Mike Riginio tore through the outside stage like El Niño.

Initially I was a little bit unsure about playing to an audience primarily comprised of fans of The Faint. I want to say thanks for the warm reception, you folks were wonderful. Some of you may have noticed the wide screen projected display of none other than Korean Karoaoke super-star E-PAK-SA. His continence was displayed in giant-size during the Attack Formation set for a reason, and the first person to post the reason on the guestbook wins a prize.

3/27/2002 - D you want to hear about a man upon a back?kicked in the back...

This is just a warning.The A-Formatik On Tact will be playing a few more shows in and around town. Our thanks to the Free Beer Opportunities Zine For the Excellent write-up.We're glad to see you recognize such talent on our part. There are a couple on the horizon, hopefully with a great new band called Masculine/Feminine. I got to see thier sow last Friday with The Rise. M/F was great great. Total Cars with a little Duran Duran around the Arcadia period .Thanks for the c.d. great band. I also got to see a really excellent movie called "Beyond The Screams". Adocumentary by Martin ( Los Crudos/Limp Wrist) about latinos in hardcore music. Getting to see what it's like to see Crudos in Mexico City is unbelievable.Thousand people at least, all having so much fun. So much inspiration.I love hearing hardcore kids talk about getting together and organizing shows. And having community.Hardcore is fucking perfect. If you get a chance to see it you should. The BEST thirty minutes of my weekend. The show at the mexican cultural center was awesome. We played with Storm The Tower and Kids In Service To Satan(Ben Snakepit and cohorts take on all the WEAK music and make it scared)and also Kip's new band, Fuck Work. They were great....even little mikey from Direction(straight-edge circa early 90's)was in there screaming after all those years.i'm very happy to announce that our good friends , Kowalski, who live in San Antonio, will be opening for Fugazi this Friday along with White Heat. They are all the people from the B-side Project with new name , new songs. As well will be The Total Sound Group Direct Action Committee along with the closest thing to the Minor threat i've ever seen, THE SNOBS. They really fucking rule. Four kids , all under Sixteen or something like that. how great. Fugazi is also playing on Saturday with The White Papers. The shows in Austin are both at Emo's.

3/16/2002 - Happy SxSW or fckSxSw or whatever. Lots of bands here.

Good news is, we moved the website off io.com's whack, and immenently hackable useless servers. There's nothing quite like logging in to notice the last login was made from somewhere in Norway. As far as I know, I've been in Texas since October. Watch this space for good things. Thanks for trying again to those of you who tried to hit the site while it was in transit.

2/23/2002 - "where have you been keeping yourself mrs. lagtree"?????//? - VACHS.

I think that it's been too long since the last one of these. We have been up to much good in the past two months, let me see if I can get through all of it. In the beginning of January we did a couple of shows. The first, with the Party of Helicopters, and our friends America Is Waiting, who also played the last of our "Twenty Shows Together" tour a couple of nights later. They are just about to record this coming Friday. The P.O.H ( not to be confused with p.o.d.) brought the fucking rock times two. The new drummer gets all the "new" props, while the old drummer, John Finley, while still on tour with them as a solo act, came with some crazy Robert Smith solo in the astrodome style show. great great. The second show came about as another benefit for a great cause called SAFEPLACE. They take care of, and provide shelter and assistance for battered and abused women. Please SHOW your support by visiting thier web-site and finding out about what YOU can do. This was the first show of our newest offshoot "Attak (In)Formation". All new songs , one night only, with some of our extended family members.The newest being Adam Hatley, and Reagan Van Matre.....on Dums and Keyboards respectedly. We also REcorded the show and are in the process of getting it out by the end of May.With a drum and bass REMIX seven inch to be released as part of that at the same time. This will be an on-going series we will keep doing two to three times a year.Getting our new friends to keep up the "orgnztn" has been great to watch and be a part of. THANKYOU. All January we spent learning some new stuff and finally getting to remixing our album for final sounds. We got three mixes done. The full length will probably be done by the time summer gets here. We are going to try to have almost every AttkFrmtnOrgnztn memmber on the album. It's just going to take a while to get the recording done you see. In our free time that was had at the end of jan. and the new beginning of feb. We ( Nick Moulous-Regan Van Matre-Ben Webster-Clark Wilson) formed the "A-FORMATIK ON TACT" recording group. Spent most of the time being "inspired" , and then finally put the "idea" in to the "works". NO INSPURASHUN LIKE SEPARASHUN. Then like every year that comes here to our little texas town, SEAN NA NA rolled on through. We played with them and the Kyle sans Kaitlyn(however you spell that)experience. Before the show, Bob-pedal steel man, played a little luau for the BAND room people and got the mood totally cranked up a notch, maybe notch and a half , i'm not sure.They had in tow with them PATTY( dillenger four ) on bass, JEFF bROWN ( grotto ) on drums, and the littlest and luckiest of them all Jeremy Allen ( lucky jeremy ) on the keys, man.Being outed in public can be a learning experience, don't you think lil' J? All of this should get you guys up to speed. The TOTAL SOUND GROUP DIRECT ACTION COMMITTEE record just came out on the estrus label, and I believe they are playing on the 2nd of this coming March at beer land. WE, the formation will also be playing tonight at the fine beerland with the Dracula Sucks and The Option Screen, with The Ghost Of John Brown on the ones two and threes spinning all night from Harper's Ferry West Viginia. It's been too long. So, we will let you know sooner than the last when stuff is up. We're playing a show with Spoon during Suck IT By Suck This.It'll Be Up. Keep those e-mails coming. i'm getting better at returning them.


12/24/2001 - The xxx-mas has got ahold of me...........x-mas, i wanna break free.

This is a week full of no work and all play. Thanks alot to the Kowalski Team who showed us some San Antonio style fun with a puffy taco on the side. They are the new band from the southern city to watch for. It is a beautiful mixing of Big Muff and Super Fuzz with all the right moves thrown in. The show at Beerland was great. In case you don't already know.....Wal Mart sells alot of different foods by the pound for a very reasonable price.So, if you are ever wanting to give out the treats , but your wallet can't afford to ............... I have hopes of this christmas not sucking. we shall see. Very quick, our extended formation family is coming from across the pond to come and join us for a few shows in January. Craig Clouse , formerly of Crown Roast and a little bit of Hammerhead, is bringing his wife and thier brand new twins over to the Texas.As it Turns out, it will also be his birthday on the fifth. So, get your ass down to Emo's. The show will be with the Party of Helicopters and Amerca Is Waiting.I can Tell You Right Now.....this is going to set the tone for the rest of the year.

----------------------------------S D R-------you are missed and very much loved----------------------------------------------12/27/2000------------.


11/25/2001 - "I'm the fucking best...what do you have to say now"???? - Greg Ginn

This quote will haunt me forever. Under close research of the man in question i stumbled upon this. And i've been thinking everything makes more since now. Finally............... i get home from louisiana too tired, too full. Totally lazy.We were sitting in stand still traffic on the freeway for at least two hours all together. screw that..... thanks for nothing turkey .So we just got back from the tour with The Trail Of Dead. Fucking awesome. It was great to be able to see them every night. Our first night with them in chicago , at the abbey, pretty much set the tone for the trip. For one night only we were the Attack Explosion (at least according to one person)see review here. I think we won bragging rights to how many times the sound guy had to pick up the mic stands , at least for one night. You gotta learn not to mess with pirates frenchie. We stayed with our good friend Chad from the Society Of Friends in his very fine quaint villa. You make the best tacos. I want to give a great thanks to the Heads and Bodies from minneapolis , and to Carissa , a huge part and original member of the Attck Frmtn Orgnztn. She was in top form at the show in the 7th st. entry. It was so good to see all the peoples in minnesota.It's been too long since i've seen some eskimo's. The after party was soooo great. it's not everyday i get see fifty or so people in a space meant for ten. I mean except when you're on tour and playing in cramped clubs everyday. Sean Na Na and the Lucky Jeremy ARE always the best hosts. The highlight of the evening was being led by the hand (thank you Preston) to get paid at the entry. I had no idea what was going on the whole time, and suddenly we were in the office trying to not piss in a clothes hamper.when you gotta go...I'll try to remember some more stuff in a little while. We are playing with the new "good boys" from New York Les Savy Fav along with the newest of French Kiss artists The Apes in a couple of days. By the way, you can expect to be seeing Sean Na Na following that same wave to get Kissed in the french way. Also, The Total Sound Group Direct Action Committee will be playing this weekend at Emo's With A shitload of bands from around here. Thier L.P. will be coming out on ESTRUS in the earlier part of the next year. The show is for a benefit for an as yet not placed public skate park . Come and show your support...instead of talking about how your down for everything.


Well, it's been a little while since the last time i gave up the news stuff that's been going on.We have finished recording the full length, along with some songs that will come out on an e.p. to be released around the same time.............February is what we're thinking for the time being. Alan and Gabe have left the band and have been playing in Vietnam(the band) all over the city it seems. They might be moving to Philadelphia soon , or at least in the near future. In exchange for the two of them we have gotten Nick Molous on bass(Total Sound Group Direct Action Committee), and on drums .....Brandon Crowe(Zulu as Kono). We have been asked by the ..............And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead to go on a short U.S tour with them. Check out the dates below for all the details.Explosions In The Sky will be along for the east coast part of thier tour.As well as a few dates with both of us too.We leave tommorrow for a quiick show in the Little Rock , before we continue on to hang out with our buddies in Chicago.All y'all on the West coast, get ready to have a bunch of fun with us. Also in tow, Lucky Jeremy (who just flew in this weekend)will be coming along to play keyboards. His record will be coming out soon enough.Thanks to all recently for the support.these have been different times, so don't forget how much friendship means. We will be gone for a couple of weeks, then we will be playing a show when we get back with everyone's favorite band, America Is Waiting. If you haven't seen this band yet, you are probably pretty stupid. So go see them. The Crush (minneapolis) and also, Kowalski (san antonio)which includes Jen from Thee Tonbenders and Ernest from The Chapstik. The word is that these guys are a sight to see. That will be on the eighth at Beerland. We are also playing at Emo's the week after with The Atom Bomb Pocket Knife on the fourteenth. The other news is that I got hit by a car last Friday. I just wanted to say to that woman, when you see brake lights...........that's still a redlight lady. My back hurts too. oh well. The songs we recorded with Hiro Tanaka came out great, we'll see when that will come out, I'll let you know.I hope that wherever all of our formation members are, that they are safe.And we shall see some of you soon.....................ben.

09/11/2001 - When the US government tries to push it's anti-privacy agenda during the next year in the name of national security, let's all stop and remember what Ben Franklin said, "Those who give up essential liberties for temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

To quote another famous leader:

Der größte Unsinn, den man in den besetzen Ostgebieten machen könnte, sei der, den unterworfenen Völkern Waffen zu geben. Die Geschichte lehre, daß alle Herrenvölker untergegangen seien, nachdem sie den von ihnen unterworfenen Volkern Waffen bewilligt hatten. [The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to permit the conquered Eastern peoples to have arms. History teaches that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by doing so.] -- Adolf Hitler (1889-1945), April 11, 1942, quoted in Hitlers Tischegesprache Im Fuhrerhauptquartier 1941-1942. [Hitler's Table-Talk at the Fuhrer's Headquarters 1941-1942], Dr. Henry Picker, ed. (Athenaum-Verlag, Bonn, 1951)

Do you trust your government to keep you safe yet ? Just wait. .....Dan.

08/10/2001 - hey stop that and do this before everyone gets mad and doesn't like you. get with it. there's not too much going on with the attack army for a little while. the full length will finished by the middle of september , as well as the split coming out around the same time. lucky jeremy's record sounds great , when you will get to hear the fine genius sing with molly............i'm not sure, but i know it's so amazing , and if you don't get to hear it for a while.....don't get all upset, it'll come out soon.. this week has been so packed with stuff. the west coast is being bombarded these next couple of weeks. on thier way to y'all is the ted leo, the pleasure forever , the ninety day men , and the kings of the ring.......the society of friends. they're going out in support of thier new full length on 625 , with baddest hardcore band around town, the manchurian candidates. for thier tour dates click this you trick.go see the shows, support hardcore music, take pictures , and ask ted about his new calender coming out at the end of the year. one more thing the selby tigers are about to leave for the plea for peace tour......go check them.our extended formation family member hiro tanaka will be here in the beginning of october to record a couple of songs. hopefully those will be available by the start of the year.to all the haters, keep it up.

07/16/2001 - Do you really think that we would leave you out of the loop? Everything is right on schedule. If you live on the west coast, and I know that some of y'all do, the ................Now Time Delagation is on tour out there.They are one part Lord high Fixers, one part Bellrays, and a couple parts Gospel Swingers and all SOUL!!!! If you can, you must go to this show.Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her (Tokyo-JAPAN) are on tour right now too.THEY WILL ROCK YOU.Also, the split seven inch with the littlest LUCKYiest JEREMY of them all, is on it's way via THE BUDDY SYSTEM record label. I will also be joining Lucky Jeremy on bass in pretty pretty San Francisco for a week to help him record his full-length with Molly(Bratmobile) at the drums.Watch out herb, I'm coming to getcha.Jason Meade of the JOHNBOY clan is on the case as far as the brilliant looking artwork is concerned.So far, it looks awesome.The seven has our bands pitted against each other in a blood splattering head crunching battle royale. We cover his stuff, and he covers ours.This is going to come out at the very beginning of September.As far as other news, the full-length is going strong, it should be out later this year.Come to the show this Friday, and then go see Pretty Beat-Up(Alan is playing drums for them now)open for a reunited Glorium and a rejuvenated Trail Of Dead over at Emo's this Saturday.Oh yeah........Keep pumping that QuasimotoL.P. Yesterday's new Quintet is about to drop also.Click Me if you don't know what i mean..................ben.

07/06/2001 - Complete excitement, because on Sunday we're going to the Bubble studio in lovely way-south Austin to lay down the first tracks of what will be our first full length with recording engineers Steven and Tim on the wheels of steel. Fortunately, these guys are really good, and they can record better than I can barbecue. Trust me, this studio is soon to be a legend.